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Contesting Online Speak Out

Speak Out: Get those logs in!

A reader wants to know "In this age of instant gratification, should the time between the end of a contest and the deadline for log submittal be shortened?"

40 opinions on this subject. Enter your opinion at the bottom of this page.
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N2MG on 2002-08-14
G0WJN wrote:
<<One further comment: the length of time a(f)ter the contest taken for the organisations, ARRL, RSGB etc to publish the results means that 30 days is not that significant.>>

This should have been stated in the question: In the future, the ARRL will be presenting line scores ONLY on the web, so the time delay for publishing will be significantly shorter. So the current 30-day submission deadline WILL be a significant portion of the overall delay.

However, I'm not sure I really NEED that additional 15 days speed-up. I'd prefer the option of being able to wait 30 days. In many cases, this moves the deadlines out past other significant contests. With a 15-day submission deadline, Sweepstakes CW logs would be due during SS phone, ARRL DX CW logs due during ARRL DX Phone... yech!

KC4ATU on 2002-08-13
As long as its email or postmarked by a certain date the length of time can be two weeks or 4 weeks or more. It don't matter. Not everyone has a computer for logging of wants one for that matter.

As far as the complaints about time from submission to published results, those who feal it should be shorter, contact the organizer and offer your services as a checker. If you have never done it, do not complain about those who do. I for one thank them all for a job well done. I have done it in the past and will do it in the future.


g0wjn on 2002-08-13
After 12, 24 or 36H (or more) without sleep the first thing I do is go to Bed. I take my hat off to those who can take this without any problem. Having just Emailed my IARU Log on the last day I feel that 30 days is about right. I usually send them in 2-3 days after the contest but could not this time for family and work reasons. As commented earlier most if not all of us have lives outside radio.

One further comment: the length of time agter the contest taken for the organisations, ARRL, RSGB etc to publish the results means that 30 days is not that significant.

N4SL on 2002-08-11
I'm happy to discuss this point with anyone who will identify themselves.

Steve, N4SL
Machias, WA

k7xc on 2002-08-10
No Way!
I dont know about the rest of you but I have a life outside Amateur Radio that tends to get in the way of my Radio activites now and then. 30 days allows me to deal with the log AT MY CONVIENECE, not someone elses.

Anonymous on 2002-08-10
For us that can attach the file to an email with the same computer as we log with, it is not problem. My logs go in within 30 min after the contest is up, usually.

I think it will be much easier on the contest sponsers, if we, who have the means, get the logs in asap after the contest. Keep the 30 day limit, but promote getting them in asap.

BTW, the contest is over at 0000Z. Do you log checking before the bell! I'm know for a fact I've been dinged for poor typing, but, it is what it is..

73-Chuck KI9A

Anonymous on 2002-08-09
M5EET:What about those who log to paper during the contest and transcribe to computer to submit their entries - are they cheating?

As long as they are transcribing only they are not cheating. Any corrections (other then making sure the copies are the same) post contest would be cheating.

M5EET on 2002-08-09
What about those who log to paper during the contest and transcribe to computer to submit their entries - are they cheating?

Anonymous on 2002-08-08
N4SL:The comments about checking for obvious typos is correct.

No it is not. The contest is over the log should be closed.

N4SL:I scan my log, there is stupid stuff like accidental punctuation after a legit callsign or within a legit copied string, especially late in the contest when I am tired or during a really hot run when I'm rushed or flustered.

Hey lets stop the game because we are all tired and I know I'll hit the ball better after a good nights sleep....geeez.

N4SL:Sometimes the other guy will send a non-standard string, which is correct: IN or IND for Indiana? Guess wrong and you lose the QSO to a non-error.

Correct it now not later. If the guy can't send the exchange then don't log the contact.

N4SL:I correct those blatent typos post-contest.

You are cheating and should be DQ'd

Anonymous on 2002-08-02
It's my opinion that the time between the end date of the contest and the deadline for log submission be reduced to two weeks. That's plenty of time to scan the log for errors and e-mail it off. There's no need for months to go by. It's just plain lazy to not submit before that. Of course, there will always be special circumstances; but what isn't effected by that.

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