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Contesting Online Speak Out

Speak Out: Having fun?

A visitor wants to know "What's the most fun you've ever had contesting? Where were you, what contest was it, and what made it fun?"

8 opinions on this subject. Enter your opinion at the bottom of this page.
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KD5OWO on 2004-10-03
The most fun I have is seeing how many different stations I can work. I am learning skills that are going to help me in future contests, or in times of need. I always have fun doing SSB during contests. I look forward to working my first CQWW SSB contest coming up at the end of this month.


Anonymous on 2003-03-17
de K3FT.. Most fun? Have to break it down by 'era'.

#1 - The 'beginning'- right after getting Novice license (DEC 1968) stumbled onto the Novice Roundup. No clue about what it was.. but there were lots of QSO's to be had and the rough and tumble was a blast!

#2 - The beginning - FD (first helper when unlicensed in 1966-67) then as a Novice in 1968. Experiencing field ops, staying up the full 24 hours, learning to deal with QRM/QRN.

#3 - Intermediate - upgraded to Gen. Found CD PARTY. Op'd that. Enjoyed it. More rough and tumble. Discovered I liked it! Fun was getting Q's in spite of QRM, QRN, and 'frequency stealers'.

#4 - Intermediate - Upgraded to Advanced. SS! WHAT A BLAST. Total rush getting places in the USA on 80/40 that I never thought I could. HOOKED!

#5 - Modern day - Meeting, participating with and becoming a part of WR3L and W3PP in a serious M/M effort. Humbled me BUT the ZING from being part of SEROIUS and focused effort with a bunch of guys who are just as nuts about this game as I am.

#6 - Advanced times - Being given the chance to op at W3LPL.. 48 hours of 100 percent total adrenaline rush -even after being up for LOTSA of hours. Fun is realizing that I have actually LEARNED something after all these years and learning I have lots more to learn!

N2MG on 2002-07-12
I see a not-unexpected common thread here...MULTI-OPs!

wx3b on 2002-07-06
No question about it: It was my first time at a "real" station, W4MYA, CQ World Wide DX contest on 10 meters during the Sunday Morning European Run. After a night of no sleep working 80 meters, I had no idea what I was in for. Brought new meaning to expression "Run 'Em"


Jim Nitzberg WX3B

AB7RG on 2002-07-06
Field Day, 1995 -- it was my first Field Day and my first taste at contesting. It took place on top of Mingus Mountain, near my home QTH of Cottonwood, Arizona.

73 Clinton AB7RG

N2BR on 2002-07-01
Most fun i had was my first VHF contest i went to few years ago up on the Mountain with soome ham friends.We work 38 states 2 meter ssb and 26 states on 6 meter AM.Also Fieldday is also fun for me,I also enjoy getting together with the group and contesting FD and watching the new hams that not ever had the change to work HF or much vhf.

N5OT on 2002-06-28
What a great question. My funnest times in life have been during contest expeditions. Not having a good contest station of my own for 31 years, I have always gone to other big stations in America or on DXpeditions.

Traveling to foreign countries can be really fun. My funnest was operating two years in a row from the Galapagos Islands as HC8U in 1989 and 1990. I think the fun was due to adventure. Going by myself to a really out-of-the-way place was big on the adventure scale: stimulating, exhilarating, short, THAT was FUN!

Going barely south of the border to operate XE2SI Multi-Multi for three consecutive years (83,84,85) was fun. Breaking the Field Day record for the one-man class (1B-1, 1992) was fun. Operating a really big domestic Multi-Multi (AA6TT in 92 and 93) was fun. Breaking the top-10 from the west (first time in over 20 years) in the June VHF was fun (1987 or so).

The one thing they all have in common is travel, and except for AA6TT, they all involve putting up major antennas in a portable fashion. Maybe THAT'S what I find the funnest, I don't know.

VE7RJT on 2002-06-26
Most fun I had in a contest was the 2001 CQWW SSB. I was part of the VE7SCC club effort, and it was my very first contest. It was a great experience, and I have since gone on to work in the RAC Winter, Field Day, and will take part in the RAC Canada Day contest next Monday.

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