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Contesting Online Speak Out

Speak Out: Field Day

A reader wonders "In the U.S., the Field Day 'operating event' is later this month. Are you trying anything new or unique for this event?"

18 opinions on this subject. Enter your opinion at the bottom of this page.
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Anonymous on 2002-06-15
From WQ6X:
I will be spending my 17th year with the "San Andreas Faultline Survivors" under the call W6SW.
This year I will be test-driving the 8JK array I made out of a pair of Alpha Delta multi-band antennas for last year's SS contest. It worked well for the SS, so it should be HOT for Field Day.

N4SL on 2002-06-14
"It seems to have something to do with it being on fire... "

Hey, it's EMERGENCY communications practice, how better to simulate that than operating with your hair on fire?!??!


KR0U on 2002-06-13
We're going to a new location. Not that we want to, but our favorite ridge-top field day QTH has been closed by the USFS. It seems to have something to do with it being on fire...

Anonymous on 2002-06-13
This will be my first involved field day. I'm anxious to learn the procedures to contesting and the fellowship of amateur operators practicing for the setup of emergency communications. The food is pretty good too. - AD5CN

N8LXR on 2002-06-12
Gee what a grouch, the guy above is! Gee!

Anways, I will be in the Mobile (1C) Class this year as last year,,only this time with a MUCH better setup.

I have upgraded N8LXR/M to include: Yaesu FT 100D, High Sierra HS 1500 Screwdriver, and a completely independent 12 volt power system: 300 amp hour, absorbed glass mat, deep cycle battery (runs rig at 100W, 25% duty cycle for abt 18 hours on one charge b4 voltage drops below 12V, a microprocssor controlled 40 amp charger, and a 3 KW AC generator mounted in the bed of a 2001 Toyota Tacoma.

I also have an MFJ 490X Memory keyer, and this week, will install an old IBM 486 to run NA Contest Software...these older laptops are FB for logging with NA Contest Software, cuz they are supposed to run off of 12 volts direct DC, no inverters to make an RF racket.

Last year I placed 8th in the Mobile Class, but with a much less effective
rig, antenna was an Outbacker Perth Plus, new High Sierra really is great!

FD site will be on the Delaware River in a place called Booklawn, NJ, in the SNJ Section. It features wide open takeoffs all over water to the N, Nw, W, and SW, where most of the action will be relative to SNJ on Field Day, have gotten several 599 Plus 10 and even 20 reports from there while MOBILE!

I hope bands are better......seem a bit better now, last two weeks the daytime
absorbtion is been TERRIBLE, but maybe things will be good on FD!

73 and look for me signing "N8LXR/M" in this year's FD! Mostly on CW!


Anonymous on 2002-06-12
To: Anonymous on 2002-06-10

Who asked: How do like that 'tude?

Answer: Just fine, we won't even miss you operating for the NEXT 15 years, since you are obviously a "lid, kid, and/or a space cadet" yourself.


N4SL on 2002-06-11
The Machias Radio Group, W7MRG, will be operating a 2A station from Flowing Lake Park in Machias, WA.

It's pretty similar to last year's event (a 2A in the same spot as last year) except we are inviting more operators who aren't very experienced rather than hog the operating among the old hands. Last year it was only four (4) operators.

We anticipate having a lower score but fulfilling the real objective of getting people on the air and having FUN.

Steve N4SL

Anonymous on 2002-06-10
I wouldn't call it unique, but I'm going to do the same thing I've done for 15 years...NOT operate it!

Too many lids, kids, space cadets...

How do like that 'tude?


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