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Contesting Online Speak Out

Speak Out: Field Day

A reader wonders "In the U.S., the Field Day 'operating event' is later this month. Are you trying anything new or unique for this event?"

18 opinions on this subject. Enter your opinion at the bottom of this page.
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KD5OWO on 2004-10-03
I have been to field day before when I was younger with my dad, before I had my license. This was the first year that I went since I have been a ham, and lucky for me this time I had my general class license. We made a lot of contacts, had a lot of food. I look forward to a great ARRL FD 2005. I worked ARRL FD 2004 with TSGARC (W5TSG) which is who I plan right now on working ARRL FD 2005 with. Till then I hope to continue racking up my contest skills with plently of contests from now, intill then.


K1LU on 2003-05-26
My best ham radio memories are from Field Day. I remember WA1AGQ (elmer) and the ladder supported yagi I climed in 1968 at 16 to put the feedline on (oops). Learned a lot of lessons over the years, but the biggest one was to put my name on things I expected to take home! I remember when bringing your Vibroplex into the field was high tech and risky. Now I take my laptop. I still have never built band filters, but perhaps this year....

K0VX on 2003-01-13
Field Day is very good event to see how
rusty you and your cw are. No Keyboard, just you,the Radio and the Key and more Qrm than CWSS!! Remember, someday we may use this skill for the Real Thing.
See you in June and November.

Anonymous on 2002-06-22
Were gonna try drinking a beer per 10 Qso's ! Last years 1 per 20 was a smashing success....what the heck, its just a camping trip with antennas !!

Anonymous on 2002-06-21
This year we're cookin' more ribs and will attempt to make pizza on a grill.

Anonymous on 2002-06-21
I'm sure glad to have our neighbors from the south included. Hoping to hear lots of stations from Central America and the Carribbean this weekend!

This year will be another great dining event from Lake Georgetown for the WCARC in Central Texas. Mmmmm Good!

- KI5DR -

N2YZS on 2002-06-18
Going to try and add some digital modes to the list this year. PSK31 and might even try some RTTY. Always been SSB in the past few years. Gotta try everything at least once! 2 years ago we tried 135' doublets fed with 450 ohm ladderline and found that they make a very good multiband antenna! Found a new and quicker way to put them up last year. Now that the mechanics are down pat, time to look for some additional operations. Best of luck to all. Vern N2YZS

Anonymous on 2002-06-18
I'm not going to be using my tried and true end fed wire this time. This 80m horizontal loop better work well...or the wire will be straight next year!!

Anonymous on 2002-06-17

The Mark V is NOT the only rig named after a man. What about the KEN WOOD?

W8UE on 2002-06-16
I will be on from home, class 1E, running 5 watts battery power. To make this operation 100% emergency power, I will shut off my main power switch just before 1800z.

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