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Contesting Online Speak Out

Speak Out: Sport or not?

One contester asked "Is contesting truly a sport? What other "sport" requires the direct and active participation of non-competitors?"

36 opinions on this subject. Enter your opinion at the bottom of this page.
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Anonymous on 2002-04-08
Yep .. there are indeed catch and release hunters and fishermen, but a lot (most?) are not. At least in contesting, nobody kills or eats, literally, their competition.

I dunno, I think many call contesting a sport or radioport because they WANT it to be a sport ... for sure it is not athletic ... I don't care if you stay up 48 hours and climb towers ... it simply is not.

kr1g on 2002-04-08
Yes, its a sport.

Hunting and fishing?? Plenty of catch and release fisherman (and hunters too!)

Ted ex KR1G

N2MG on 2002-04-08
Yeah, it's a sport. Who cares if it's done while sitting on your butt? It requires preparation, skill, strategy, proper equipment, practice, knowledge, etc. - much like any sport.

But it *is* unique. Not only does it require "direct and active participation of non-competitors" but the competitors operate practically in isolation and its integrity is mostly maintained by the "honor system".

Most (sports) comparisons made with contesting I've seen fail miserably once one goes beyond one or two specific traits. There just isn't anything like it!

Anonymous on 2002-04-08
Hunting and/or fishing ... yep, pretty dramatic ... considering you generally have to KILL the non-competitors. How about a "sport" where the direct and active participation of non-competitors would be of the human variety????

N5NJ on 2002-04-08
Hunting or fishing are two dramatic examples.

Anonymous on 2002-04-07
Well, it's not a sport.

It hardly qualifies as an 'activity' since you sit on your butt and (to the non-ham viewer) never move or DO anything.

Hmmm... I'd say it's a 'hobby'.
BTW, I love contesting.

73, Steve N4SL

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