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Contesting Online Speak Out

Speak Out: Going mobile

A contributor wonders "The mobile operators in the state QSO parties seem to have so much fun, and I'd like to try it someday. So, what are the absolutely essential requirements for a successful mobile contest effort?"

20 opinions on this subject. Enter your opinion at the bottom of this page.
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wd8x on 2002-10-24
I find it very satisfying to have an effective mobile HF set-up in my vehicle. I learned while living in Switzerland how hard it was to get permission for an antenna, so I put an Outbacker-8 on my Opel Astra with a triple mag-mount, proper grounding of my FT757 and a beautiful mountain overlook near Lausanne and voila!!! I played in my first CQWW contest as HB9ICE. Since then, my car or truck is always 'hooked up'. I've had QSO's on my way to work with VK's and many others and it is fun. Lots of great stories. But, its not cheap. Its a whole other station and antennas. If you are apartment or Condo bound, then its not so bad. If you love playing radio then this is a great way to go. I really encourage it. My only caveat is to watch the road and pay attention. I've had a few close calls while playing with the buttons so be carefule....

N8LXR on 2002-06-30
A well planned route, knowing the fastest way to the areas that will get you points (many State QSO Parties offer speical mobile bonus points for completing a set number of contacts in
a given county) above average CW skills,
someone to drive FOR you (safer AND you can concentrate better, these all go ijto a successful MOBILE contest effort.

N8LXR on 2002-06-30
I have argued for some time now that ALL
contests should feature a mobile class.

I am a condo dweller and do all of my hamming mobile. I specialize in mobile contesting and have found this a fun and interesting twist on traditional contesting.

Mobiles in a contest like Sweepstakes could provide the rarer sections and add
a little excitement to the scoring formula. They could also be worked for extra point value, since, for a change, it may take some copying skill to pull out a weak mobile signal.

It would also provide a meaningful way for antenna-restricted hams to participate in contesting, aside from the State QSO parties.

Having a mobile class in ALL contests may also further encourage hams to install effective HF Mobile rigs, and such are very valueable to the Amateur Service in time of need.

Look in the August, 2002 Edition of CQ Magazine in the Contesting Section by John Dorr, K1AR. There will be an article there on this very subject about/by me regarding my HF Mobile escapades!

73 to all,,,lets get Mobiles into ALL contests!


vu2pop on 2002-05-07
Hello my dear FRIEND,
VU3 PAI SAYS that,
bye bye 73's.

Anonymous on 2002-04-06
Hello Niranjan,

What is "Mike Oscar"? I'm not familiar with this term. In North America we call it 'mobile' and sign /M on CW.

73, Steve N4SL Machias, WA USA

vu3pai on 2002-04-06
Going mobile ..? already its a mobile not mike oskar !! ?? de VU3PAI

Anonymous on 2002-04-04
N4SL (that lid!) Sez:

I've done mobile VHF/UHF rovers during contests, it really is a thrill to drive up to a mountaintop and give a CQ... you get 50 guys crawling all over themselves, very fun.

Then, move to another grid square, drive up another hill and work 'em all over again.

Cheap thrills, pretty fun. YES, you need a driver and an operator if at all possible.


KK4TA on 2002-04-03
A great place to test all these ideas would be the Florida QSO party coming up April 27 and 28. Learn all about it at It's gonna be a great party.

KU8E on 2002-04-03
I would recommend that if you are planning to do a serious rover operation that you have two people - one to drive and the other operating. In last years Ohio QSO Party I was solo and if you think driving when talking on a cell phone is dangerous then try to operate and log contacts at the same time. I got smart and just found places to stop to operate.

Rover is a great way for you apartment bound guys who can't operate from home to have some fun. It's a blast to have a pile-up waiting for you when you drive
into the next county... It's almost like being rare DX

73's Jeff KU8E

Anonymous on 2002-04-02
There is one thing that is absolutely essential for mobile operation. A car.

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