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Contesting Online Speak Out

Speak Out: DQ for cheating?

A reader wonders "After a study of the logs, several non-assisted entrants in the year 2000 running of CQWW were determined to have actually been using packet. What do you think about this and the CQWW committee's decision to allow these suspected packet cheaters to withdraw the logs instead of being disqualified?"

36 opinions on this subject. Enter your opinion at the bottom of this page.
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Anonymous on 2004-10-31
ON4UN does more than just self-spot. He cheats as well. He is an arrogant, pompous, self-absorbed jerk. I'll be glad when the old toad croaks.

br549 on 2004-10-31

Anonymous on 2003-10-18
Talk about cheating and DQ?? Then look at 6D2YFM scores at ARRL's 2002 and 2003 contests! Right now and after the unlawful operations, the responsible of the 6D2YFM call lost his amateur radio license. And after all seems that nobody cares!

Anonymous on 2003-09-19
Hoi Jong

Anonymous on 2003-07-14
Only one category SO.
"If you use a Cluster it's fine - if not
No one can cheat anymore.
Even if N6AA has a different meaning.
Walter, DJ6QT

Anonymous on 2003-04-21
If someone wanted to cheat by using packet cluster and didn't mention their "assisted" category they will login under someone else call, there still will be the difference in time between spots and actual contacts. If you think that you can catch this kind of cheaters - go ahead i want to see that. It's the same as trying to get Low Power entry who actualy using 2 kw.
They will never be the best. Most of us know each and every good op by name.
Being a champion - it is competing with the best and winnig them ... fearly.

Anonymous on 2002-04-17
Every contester signs a statement they have obeyed contest rules and rules of their country. But what about things like out-of-band contesting?<P>
I was very thrilled in recent contests to hear DX operators turning away US callers rather than log them when outside the US band. But, other stations in world class competition were heard last CQWW on 28.200 running strings of US stations for hours on end. Was this fair competition?<P>
The DX will claim it is not their fault if people call out-of-band, even if the operator is from the US and knows it. I think it is time for contest sponsors to take responsibility for what happens during contests and have on-the-air referees, who will remove points for violations, remove contacts from logs if made out-of-band, and disqualify flagrant repeat violators. 73

VE4XT on 2002-03-13
With all due respect to VE5ZX, I think he's been out tilting at grain elevators. Punish legitimate contesters who made QSOs in good faith? A good QSO is a QSO, irrespective of what happens to either parties' logs later.

DQ proven cheats. Leave the good guys alone.

Anonymous on 2002-03-13
Be sure you can prove that the op was using the spotting cluster for making contacts before you bust him.

I am often on the cluster making spots, but do not use it for finding contacts unless I am in an unrestricted mode.

k5nz on 2002-02-23
DQ'em, list their calls, let everyone know who they are! Nothing better than bad press to get someones attention!

But be damn sure they are in the wrong before pointing the finger!

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