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Contesting Online Forums : TowerTalk : attic antennas, stealth, roof tiles Forums Help

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attic antennas, stealth, roof tiles Reply
by w6rmk on March 10, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
I noticed a few posts in the archives about stealth antennas in the attic. Some things to consider:

1) Brown Monier Lifetiles (what I have) are made brown by loading them with iron oxide, and they are remarkably lossy at RF.

2) Corona and sparks off the end of a dipole are a very real hazard. You don't notice them outdoors (wind is blowing, it's not all that dark, etc.) Up in your attic, where it is nice and dry, etc. and you might have a real problem.

3) The comments about metal flashing and the chicken wire under the stucco are well taken. Trying to model it is impossible in any real sense, so don't expect your dipole to have a nice dipole pattern. The other problem that crops up, related to #2, is that all that metal is in the near field of the antenna, and might be carrying significant induced current, and/or, have significant induced voltage on it. If your dipole or other antenna doesn't seem to tune like it would in free space, you might have a real problem.


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