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Contesting Online Forums : TowerTalk : Crank Up Tower Forums Help

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Crank Up Tower Reply
by w6jq on July 17, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
I just recently bought a crank up tower (HG37SS) from a private party. I have been researching where to obtain the base specifications, but I have been unsuccessful. I would like to know if someone in the forum happens to have the specifications (Size) for the foundation. Also I would like to be directed to where I can order the base that goes into the foundation, or the specifications of the base so I can custom made one. Any kind of help will be very appreciated.
RE: Crank Up Tower Reply
by WB2WIK on July 17, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
The HG37SS was made by Hy-Gain and hasn't been made in years; as you know, MFJ bought Hy-Gain and it does not appear they have resurrected the tower assembly operation.

However, I've installed these (last one probably in about 1983 or so) and the recommended excavation is 5' deep by 2-1/2' square, or just over one cubic yard. The base is nothing more than welded re-bar making a cage, with 1/4" steel plate that lines up with the legs for bolt attachment. It's not fancy, but does allow the entire tower to tip over if the bolts are pulled from the one leg that is not in line with the other two -- same as Tri-Ex or U.S. Tower design and construction.

What I'd do (and have done, many times!) is find a local welding shop and get its manager to come visit after hours, or on a weekend, and make a sketch of the base section of the tower (the three legs, the mounting hole pattern and distances between them), and give me a quote on fabricating an in-ground base from scratch, using 1/4" steel plate and 3/4" re-bar. I'd be surprised if you can't have one fabricated from scratch for $150. That's what I've usually paid, around here in the San Fernando Valley.

73 de Steve WB2WIK/6
RE: Crank Up Tower Reply
by k4pg on January 7, 2004 Mail this to a friend!
Hygain has a web site and a page on selling the base on order for 299 dollars. No picture, but definitely the base. I am having one fabricated. The manual for the HG37SS is downloadable from the the same web site.

VE3ATC has a web site with many pictures and was very helpful to me when I first started to research the base.

73 and good luck

Kevin K4PG

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