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Contesting Online Forums : TowerTalk : Base for TriEx WT51??? Forums Help

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Base for TriEx WT51??? Reply
by WW5L on July 7, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Has anyone had a succesful order lately with TriEX (First Call Communications)?

I am considering ordering an extra base for my WT51 in case my XYL (WY5H) and I move in the near future. I e-mailed First Call and they quoted a price in excess of $400 for a base, when their website listed it at about $260. They said it would take a month to manufacture and would NOT be made by them or Tri EX, but someone else. When TriEx was TriEx and sold direct their rep said they kept bases in stock. I talked to a U.S. Tower rep at a recent hamfest and they said the old Tri Ex plant in Visalia CA was vacant.

I'm not trying to flame First Call or Tri Ex, just trying to find out if bases for a WT 51 are still being manufactured. If we move the XYL and I will probably sell the WT51 and get a motorized tower as the arthritis is affecting my shoulder joints. Can't find out either if an electric winch is made to fit the WT 51.

Tom Anderson, WW5L
Colleyville, Texas
RE: Base for TriEx WT51??? Reply
by WB2WIK on July 11, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
I have no clue about Tri-Ex's status, but I do own a WT-51 and have owned other W-51's over the years, so I've installed bases for them all over. As you know, the tower's only 368 lbs and can be carried by two strong men, or four weaker men, or one guy and a good 4-wheeled cart (my general preference). For less than $400 or $260, I could get a local welding shop to fabricate a base for me from scratch, and I've done just that. If you bring the tower to the shop, they'll charge very little as they'll have a working "fixture" to build on, which will assure perfectly correct dimensions of the final result.

If you can't, ask your local welding shop if they can send somebody over to wherever the tower is and make a good sketch of the bottom of the tower (spacing between the three legs, between the mounting holes, etc) because you need a base fabricated. They only need some 1/4" thick steel plate and 3/4" or 1" re-bar, materials cost for a base that's 60" deep is only about $50, and labor is about $100. I've paid $150 for W-51 bases from three different welding shops on the east and west coasts, it's never been a big deal.

73 de Steve WB2WIK/6
RE: Base for TriEx WT51??? Reply
by WA4IFM on April 19, 2007 Mail this to a friend!
Contact Tashjian Towers

If you know where I can get Owners manual for W51 tower TriEx let me know also plesase.
RE: Base for TriEx WT51??? Reply
by wb6t on April 16, 2008 Mail this to a friend!
I also have the triex wt-51 tower. I al looking for the raising fixture myself. I found an add in QST April issue pg 126 from a company that has or makes all the parts for the WT-51 " TASHJIAN TOWERS CORP." iT IS MY UNDERSTANDING THEY HAVE TAKEN OVER THE LINE AND CAN SUPPLY ANY PARTS REQUIRED.

I will say I feel the freight is rather expensive. THey quoted a price of $400 shipping for the raising fixture alone to my QTH in southern Calif. About a 4.5 hour drive away. Good Luck, Alan 949-493-0303
RE: Base for TriEx WT51??? Reply
by kb2toh on January 29, 2010 Mail this to a friend!
i am looking for a manaul for the triexwt51 tower
RE: Base for TriEx WT51??? Reply
by KMA3333 on May 30, 2013 Mail this to a friend!
Im looking for the measurement for the base dimension for a Tri-ex tower I wont to build one.

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