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You are currently viewing the most recently created topics in the Tips forum.

416 Tips Topics.

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Topics Originator Posts Last Reply
CW Contest - Exchange Questions ke4usa 4 10-Mar-2002
First Contest - Cabrillo output looks funny ke4arh 2 7-Mar-2002
Contest QSL cards m5ric 3 5-Mar-2002
2-state operation ka9alc 2 28-Feb-2002
QSK - Cause relay damage? wb8yqj 2 17-Feb-2002
FieldDay K8IAT 2 15-Feb-2002
Topband Coaxial L W1TSP 2 13-Feb-2002
Logging Program wa4dou 4 26-Jan-2002
CATV HARDLINE N8XP 4 16-Jan-2002
Using VOX or Footswitch for SSB Contests? W3DQ 7 9-Jan-2002
Vertical Help m5ric 3 7-Jan-2002
sending contest log via e-mail yb2udh 3 28-Dec-2001
rtty contest program ea6lp 2 10-Dec-2001
FT-1000MP Which filters where? wd4lam 2 1-Dec-2001
CQWW 3D2 mults? NJ6D 2 28-Nov-2001
SB220 on six meters kc1xu 4 21-Nov-2001
Hygain AV-640 Vertical G4GSA 6 15-Nov-2001
CW Sweeps Serial Nr Question KG4EMM 9 12-Nov-2001
Earth to anybody..... kf9vh 2 29-Oct-2001
DSP Question kf9vh 3 28-Oct-2001
416 Tips Topics.

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