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Contesting Online Forums : Tips : Simulataneous contests Forums Help

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Simulataneous contests Reply
by W7SAW on October 12, 2004 Mail this to a friend!
What's the best way to make exchanges between contests running at the same time? example SSB Sprint ran at same time as WA State Salmon Run. The Sprinters came on and dominated for the 4 hours they were on - then disappeared!
RE: Simulataneous contests Reply
by vk2cz on October 12, 2004 Mail this to a friend!
I approach this issue with a little bit of lateral planning and knowing some rules can be bent a little, and it requires a set of printed rules for each contest in front of you.

To show you the logic I applied for contests during the weekend of 2/3 October:

- Oceania DX SSB Contest - exchange is basic serial number.
- CaQSOP. Again swap of serial numbers and CA stations give their county. The county info can be stripped off the log and the exchanges are good for both CaQSOP and Oceania DX logs. Small bend of rules however, while CaQSOP want you to start at 001, I simply use by Oceania DX serial number I have accrued at that time (like 59384) as CaQSOp starts well into the Oceania DX contest.

Both Oceania and CaQSOP committees seem to accept this approach OK (I've done it since 2001).

- RSGB 21/28 Contest. Again a swap of serial numbers and same notes regarding starting number ie , not 001, and RSGB seem to accept this as well.

I use MS Excel to do my logging and it is easy to make 3 worksheets to cover each contest. QSO's during the full overlap period of the 3 contests above(7:00z to 8:00z on Sun 3rd Oct) could count for ALL 3 contests.. !!

For other odd exchanges like name or country and say age (JIDX), I just pick a standard exchange that mostly suits each like "Australia 41", the op at the far end can pick what is needed and log that.

It can be a good strategy game for children and adults alike..
David VK2CZ, Sydney, Australia.

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