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Contesting Online Forums : Tips : Rotor for 3 el. 40m yagi? Forums Help

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Rotor for 3 el. 40m yagi? Reply
by LA6IHA on May 3, 2003 Mail this to a friend!

I am looking for a rotor to turn a full size 3 el. yagi for 40 meters at our club station.

Size of antenna:
Windload abt. 2 m2 / 22 sq. ft.
Turning radius: 13m / 43 ft.
Weight some 60kg / 120 lbs.
Height above ground 18m / 60 ft.
(Picture at )

Any ideas?
Maybe a Bigboys PST 2051 will do the job?

RE: Rotor for 3 el. 40m yagi? Reply
by VA7YO on May 4, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
Hi Asle, I would recommend the M2 Orion 2800p, these
will turn a dump truck on your tower !

cheers........Gary VA7YO
RE: Rotor for 3 el. 40m yagi? Reply
by vk2cz on May 4, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
Just an idea, but I actually use a smaller Create series RC5B unit to move my full size 3 ele 40m yagi, but with 2 key differences:
1. mount it with a thrust bearing so there is no bending moment transmitted through the rotator. This way the rotator takes axial load only.
2. mount the rotator onto the fixed part of your tower with a little shear plate. The shear plate is actually what bolts the rotator to the tower using only 2 three/sixteenths inch bolts just done up finger tight, but fitted with lock-nuts.

The shear plate is the same as a hay baler drive shaft(farm machinery ) where any big load (like a gale force wind) will simply shear the bolts and the antenna will windmill. I use an automotic connector for the rotator cables - and this will pull apart easily in a mechanical fault condition. The shear plate must be 8 or 10mm steel, and the bolts must be mild steel. Probably smart to use say short length of RG58 to bridge the tower to boom RF connection which will tear apart (and be replaced) easily.

It's not elegant, but it can safely protect the rotator, antenna and property below the antenna when carefully planned.
RE: Rotor for 3 el. 40m yagi? Reply
by ve6jy on May 5, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
I am turning a 300 pound (approx) 40m 3 el full size yagi here with the AlfaSpid rotor, works fine. I use a long mast to take up the shock, important with an antenna of this size.

73 Don

RE: Rotor for 3 el. 40m yagi? Reply
by DF3KV on May 10, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
Hi Asle,

I would not recommend the PST2051,
At present I am using 4 of them.
It is not capable to turn my 5L KLM 20 in high winds!
That beam is 1,2mē and only 12m above ground in a valley.
I would take at least the PST61 with a 40m beam or build my own rotator with commercial double worm
gear-boxes and selsync.
The Orion 2800 has been broken at PI4COM by a 40m Beam.

RE: Rotor for 3 el. 40m yagi? Reply
by KC1Q on May 13, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
Check the towertalk page for may. I have a Hygain HRD-400 forsale. 4sq ft rotor. runs on 6 conductor cable and 110 V ac is used to power the motor. It will turn the antenna at abot 1/3 the cost of a new rotator

Dave KC1Q
RE: Rotor for 3 el. 40m yagi? Reply
by nq4i on May 18, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
I have the best luck with the Yaesu G2800SDX it was used to turn my 2 el 80m yagi...and has no problem with the 3 el full sized Rick nq4i
RE: Rotor for 3 el. 40m yagi? Reply
by DH5HV on June 17, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
Hello !

I would not prefer the KR or G2800....!

We also do have KLM3/40 at DF0CG and on the same tower a 205 from Hygain (5 Element for 20m), but a few month ago I went up on the tower to check why the rotator is not turning the antennas I found lots of metal chips in the covering...!

This happened while heavy wind had hit the antennas and turned it while the break was still active...!

We better had to open the break to have a little roundabout on the top of the tower...!

When finnishing the whole outside work this rotator will be replace by a home made one with a gear and a little motor !

Would be the better solution I believe !

Check for some pictures !

Jochen DH5HV
Member of DF0CG
RE: Rotor for 3 el. 40m yagi? Reply
by ve5pv on June 30, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
Hi...the SPID rotor that VE6JY uses is a real winner...highly recommended, we use one to turn a 6 el OWA yagi at VE5RI contest station(48 foot boom made from schedule 40 aluminum pipe, 3"od x20' center section,2.5"x18' end sections).
No point using the ham type rotors...unless you really enjoy repairing them.
73,Gerard VA6ZZZ

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