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Contesting Online Forums : Tips : RTX Remote Controll Forums Help

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RTX Remote Controll Reply
by I5NPH on April 21, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
Any good suggestion for a complete program to controll a remote RTX by Internet ?????
RE: RTX Remote Controll Reply
by ve5pv on June 30, 2003 Mail this to a friend! answer your question about TRX remote is what I use:
-Windows ME,PC Anywhere,MSN Netmeeting and TRX Manager, computer is a Compaq Presario (Pentium 2,144meg RAM) with ESS sound card. Radio is a Yaesu FT1000D, serial port connection for CAT. Internet via CATV high speed (Shaw Cable) with a static IP address (if possible...otherwise you end up having to discover your new IP address whenever your ip provider shuffles the deck!).

System Configuration:
Host Computer; PC Anywhere in host mode, Netmeeting and TRX Manager. You must have PC Anywhere running in order to support a connect from your remote computer.

Remote Computer;should have the same O/S as host compter, must be loaded with PC Anywhere and Netmeeting.PC Anywhere configured for Remote mode.The remote computer will have a sound card and be able to support a high speed connection (1mb or better) to Internet.

PC Anywhere allows remote access and control of your host computer, Netmeeting gives you voice over ip, TRX Manager allows remote control of most radio parameters (model dependent).I strongly advise that you have the capability of remotely resetting the host computer and radio in case everything gets locked up(like that ever happens!!). I use a dial up telephone with a Barnett B1270 alarm reporting unit which allows me to independently cycle power to the radio and computer. It also supports alarm reporting.

I have not tried doing this with a dial up ip service, so if you don't have hi speed internet...
I know that there are better remote pc control and voip programs, I just used what I had in the "junkbox" Good luck with your project,73,Gerard VE5FF/VE5PV/VA6ZZZ

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