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Contesting Online Forums : Tips : tuners and balanced line Forums Help

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tuners and balanced line Reply
by k4rfk on March 21, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
My antenna is a 540' horizontal loop, up 45 feet, fed with 450 ohm ladder line and used on all bands 160 - 10. I just purchased an amp (500watts) and need a new tuner. What is the BEST to use with this setup. I've read that a ballanced L circuit would be best and I know Palstar makes the AT1500-BAL. Any info on this tuner would be welcome as well as opinions on other amps and the merits of feeding with a standard T or L tuner with the output 4:1 balun and using a short 5' length of coax out of the shack to a 1:1 balun and the ladder line.
RE: tuners and balanced line Reply
by ka1dwx on March 28, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
I've found my old Johnson KW Matchbox the best to use for high power with rhombic and long Vee beams fed with 450 or 600 ohm lines. Other sucessful tuners here include the Nye Viking 4 and 5, the B&W. VS1500A and an older Millen unit which is not in operation. One distinct disadvantage of the Johnson KW Matchbox is that it isn't designed for 160. I've also used the Johnson KW Matchbox to successfully load Bisquare Quads with feed point impedances near 3000 ohms using 450 or 600 ohm lines. I believe the Johnson KW Matchbox Tuner will function ok with reactive impedances in the neighborhood of 2000 ohms.
Avoid sharp bends with open wire feeders; be careful not to create an imbalance by allowing conductors within 6 - 12 inches of one or both sides of the twin leads.
The best line is manufactured by W7FG. It is 600 0hm, well designed and durable. Have fun and enjoy ur DX'ing! Don Durk, ka1dwx/4 Huntsville, AL

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