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Contesting Online Forums : Tips : Beverage Antenna Forums Help

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Beverage Antenna Reply
by G4BGM on January 29, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
How can I terminate the Beverage antenna at the reciever end? I do not have easy access to the remote end - not on my property.

Best regards and thanks, Chris
RE: Beverage Antenna Reply
by W7VJ on January 30, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
Chris: WX0B ( sells matching transformers by K9AY (and also previously by K0FF) - (
Attach beverage, coax to rig, and ground and that's it. Have enjoyed the beverage. Good luck!, 73,

RE: Beverage Antenna Reply
by N2MG on January 31, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
Not sure that box is a solution for Chris - it doesn't offer a "termination" for the remote end, "only" an impedance transformation for the feedpoint.

Purists may cringe, but you don't really NEED a termination - if you are willing to tolerate bidirectional operation (it's a little lossier in the "wrong direction") - that, I believe, is the only real drawback to leaving off the "resistor to ground".

Mike N2MG
RE: Beverage Antenna Reply
by G4BGM on February 1, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
Good morning America

Thanks to Andrew and Mike for their replies. A great system.

All understood - but my problem is that I DO want to make it omni-directional. The remote end is a insulated strain wire on a fence. The fence is not all on my property but I believe from testing (resonates etc)that it is insulated all the way through. I want to use it for 80 mtrs.

I have matching trans etc all ready to go.

Just getting into Beverages and read that the original 1923 article on the antenna detailed a centre tapped secondary on the transformer taken to earth via a resistor 100 - 1000 ohms and capacitor and chole in series.

A 73 magazine article by a US ham gave good details - I have read somewhere on reflector.

Thanks to any one who can help further.

By the way am i posting this in the correct area or should it go to Top Band ???

Take care and have a good weekend, Chris
RE: Beverage Antenna Reply
by N2MG on February 1, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
Hi Chris,

First, be sure to understand that there are forums and there are mail lists (reflectors) - both accessible from this site. You are in the forums right now, but down the left side of the pages is a menu with items like 3830, Amps, and Towertalk. Those are mail lists and note that some of them are VERY active. They are far more active, in general than the forums here on the site.

Note also that many of the forums (the ones with the same names as the mail lists) were set up about two years ago for temporary duty, during a time when the mail lists were broken. The mail lists were restored much faster than anticipated so there never was much activity in the forums other than in "Tips" which is highlighted differently on the homepage (more inviting).

All that said, the "Tips" forum is fine for your questions, but there are far more active and some very knowledgeable guys on the "Topband" reflector (left menu item). I suggest you go there, subscribe and post your questions!

73 Mike N2MG
RE: Beverage Antenna Reply
by G4BGM on February 1, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
Hi Mike

Many thanks for your informative mail.

All noted. I have been reading the archives and these have got me well on the way.

I am very impressed with the way this whole set up works - it adds another dimension to activities.

I will try the 'Top Band' section for more depth.

My main interest is working into North America and Australia and NZ on 80 but also can work other HF bands. I run a delta loop. This is a new QTH 20 miles from the south coast (Midhurst, West Sussex)

Hope to bump into you again.

Best 73, Chris
RE: Beverage Antenna Reply
by LZ2CJ on February 8, 2003 Mail this to a friend!

I have been using unterminated Beverage antennas for over 20 years and never had the problem with this. Just get the K9AY box, attach the Beverage to it and enjoy:-))).(mine are usually 1.5m above the ground and app 300 - 500m long ones)
I am still holding the EU record in CQWW SSB on 160m (made in 1984 ) and have again won the last year world SOSB 160m title in CQWW SSB with such unterminated antennas. ( I use W8LRL preamp and LZ2FV made preselector plus W8LRL matching transformers).

73's & GL, Wally LZ2CJ(LZ8T)
RE: Beverage Antenna Reply
by LZ2CJ on February 8, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
I am afraid there is no such thing as omni-directional Beverage antenna. In fact the main advantage of the Beverage is that it is a directional antenna !
Unterminated beverage ant will favour signals coming from the directions of both ends of the antenna !

73's Wally LZ2CJ
RE: Beverage Antenna Reply
by G4BGM on February 8, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
Hi Wally

Thanks to you and others for the comments and advice.

Also thanks to the guys who replied on email - cant go back to you as PC crashed last Monday and lost your mails. Now up and running.

Trying new set ups and the 80mtr Beverage about 250 ft (BOG) going towards USA terminated about 6 ohms working great - using balun coupling. Sounds very good on 160 with more sig level??

Good weekend to all.

73 Chris G4 BGM

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