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Contesting Online Forums : Tips : Participation in WAE Forums Help

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Participation in WAE Reply
by RK9CWW on August 19, 2000 Mail this to a friend!
If you are active in different contests but do not participate in WAE, can you explane WHY?
What can be done to WAE to improve the participation both from EU and OUTSIDE EU?
RE: Participation in WAE Reply
by W4AN on August 19, 2000 Mail this to a friend!

Although I think the QTC thing is a really cool idea, it is the biggest reason why the average guy doesn't participate in this contest.

People get on the air to work other people in a contest. When someone goes up the band and hears someone they want to work, only to discover they are about to take 10 QTCs from someone else, they move on up the band or lose interest in the contest.

One of the beauties of the CQWW contest is that everyone understands a signal report and most everyone can figure out their own zone.

I wouldn't change the WAE format. It is unique and interesting. But the format self limiting.


RE: Participation in WAE Reply
by i4jmy on August 28, 2000 Mail this to a friend!
QTC are easy to be managed for who has only to send.
They are a no problem but an aid that transforms each non Eu call, even the most common, in something interesting to be called by each european entrant.
On the Europeans edge, who receives QTC, things are definitely more complicated because this exchange imply strategy and tactic, something that's "tout court" refused by a large majority.
The real WAE gap is to be held in a bad season where a 48 hour effort is probably too much.
Last but not least, the useless zone exchange of WWDX should be replaced with something else but people likes when there's not to switch on brain.
... and report is not yet a field in WW committee crosschecks.

RE: Participation in WAE Reply
by I2WIJ on August 28, 2000 Mail this to a friend!
I agree with I4JMY, 48 hours is too much.
Also different categories (Low Power, Triband/Wire, Rookies, etc.) as suggested also by UA9CDC, would attract more "common setup" contesters.
May be also a new multiplier schema (PFX/Call Area/...) that bring EU stns to be more "a rare one" than a simple country (even WW has CTY and Zone) would encourage participation.
QTC's are the "best & cool" characteristic: they must stay there!
73 and cu in WAE. I2WIJ

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