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Contesting Online Forums : Tips : NA CW Module Forums Help

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NA CW Module Reply
by N5CE on January 27, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
I've recently purchased NA contest software because I'm getting ready to be a contest op during the ARRL contest in Feb and I wanted to get familiar with it before I go to the contest station operation. My question is, does anyone else find the cw sending of NA software very choppy and very "slurred" and very irregular? I've tried jockeying the weight between 40 and 60 percent and nothing is sounding right. I have my computer interfaced through a KAM TNC and the CW works flawlessly. I can also use CT Contest software and the CW sounds perfect, it's only the CW on NA that sounds screwed up (to the point of people sometimes thinking i'm n4ce or n6ce). Would appreciate any help anyone could give me. Thanks. Gene
RE: NA CW Module Reply
by w8car on January 28, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
Gene, I have used NA for years with no problems with code generation. You don't mention your computer configuration but be aware that NA does not like windows. I run mine under DOS 6.22 on a 100Mhz machine or in DOS (boot to Dos not a dos window) on a Win 98 machine. My interface is the W9XT card.

73 Dan
RE: NA CW Module Reply
by N2MG on January 28, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
Are you running it in a DOS window? That's a killer for CW timing. Be sure to boot to DOS.

Better yet, sign up for the NA-USER reflector - all the experts hang out there. Click the NA-User link in the left menu area of this page.

73 Mike N2MG

RE: NA CW Module Reply
by N5CE on January 28, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
I appreciate everyone's input. I do think every one is right in that it has to do with trying to run NA from Windows. I tried a couple of different methods. I dropped to DOS and ran NA from that window and it seemed to be not so choppy. I also tried booting up in DOS mode but it didn't appear to find the com port. The NA program came up but it wouldn't send any CW. I'm a bit puzzled why Windows seems to screw up the timing on NA contest software so bad. I am guessing (hoping?) that that will be something that K8CC will address? I know when I use CT contest software (also a DOS-based program) in windows it works flawlessly, as does my little ComIt terminal program that I use for CW and RTTY via my keyboard for the KAM TNC.
FYI: I'm using Windows XP, but I don't think the particular type of Windows is a factor.
Again, thanks to every one who had information/advice.
RE: NA CW Module Reply
by N2MG on February 1, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
Don't count on K8CC being able to "fix" how CW works in a Window. What Windows does to the ports is pretty much out of his control. Many folks have this problem and there's a very common mantra on the NA-User reflector- "Don't run in a DOS window" However there are guys who have managed to get it all to work.

Good luck.

Mike N2MG
RE: NA CW Module Reply
by N5CE on February 1, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
Mike, N2MG,
I appreciate your info. I do understand that sometimes there gets to be "issues" with windows trying to run a dos-based program. I guess what baffles me though is... I can run CT contest software from windows and the CW module works absolutely "smooth as silk", perfect length and spacing and regularity. That's why I'm so puzzled. But thanks.

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