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Contesting Online Forums : Tips : vertical antennas Forums Help

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vertical antennas Reply
by MM0BQI on August 8, 2000 Mail this to a friend!
I am looking for advice on the best vertical for 10-40m to use contesting and activating islands
RE: vertical antennas Reply
by pa3ezc on August 9, 2000 Mail this to a friend!
Hello Jim,

For many years I've been using a butternut antenna from the Bencher company. I'm very satisfied with this vertical because in several contests like fieldday-contests and PACC-contests we had very good results with this antenna. The antenna is easy to built; once you've built it for the first time, you can split the antenna in 5 short pieces for transport. I rebuilt the antenna on the new location within 15 minutes and we can be active on HF. For example from octobre 8th until octobre 14th I will be active with a couple of friends from Luxembourg with the call LX/PA3DKC/P (only CW on HF) . The first antenna that will be installed is the butternut so we can be active as quickly as can. The other antenna's will follow later.

The butternut is very strong. One time we had a very big storm. Al the other antenna's went down. The butternut was bent over till horizontal, but after the heavy storm it bent to its normal vertical stand back. No damages at all.

The butternut is also very good to use on a building, but then you'll have to install a very good ground.

There are several butternuts. I'm using the hf6vx: 10m-80m including the WARC-bands. You can also work on 6m with this antenna but I've never been active on this band. You can find a description of the antenna on the following URL:

This is going to look like a commercial, but I'm very satisfied. Hope you can do something with this reply.

Good DX and Good Luck in the contest.

73's Walter, PA3EZC
RE: vertical antennas Reply
by MM0BQI on August 11, 2000 Mail this to a friend!
Thank you Walter
Is the antenna ground or post mounted (how high ?)Do you use radials,how many per band ?
Your information is appreciated
73 de Jim
RE: vertical antennas Reply
by pa3ezc on August 14, 2000 Mail this to a friend!
Hello Jim,

The way I'm using it is very simple. Regarding to the manual, you just have to dig the butternut in for 50 cm. Then you won't have to use radials. So that's all.

73's Walter PA3EZC
RE: vertical antennas Reply
by DL7IO on November 3, 2000 Mail this to a friend!
It is about 8 m high and works mostly (different on the bands)as 1/4 wavelangth vertical. You better install radials! On the ocean beach the ground is great for verticals and it may work nice without radials. But on most locations I recommend you to use radials. If you have only few radials they have to be resonant to the bands. If you take more than 10 it doesn't matter how long they are, But of course as longer and as more as better it works.
cu Holger

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