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Contesting Online Forums : Tips : QSL'ing could be good for your score ! Forums Help

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QSL'ing could be good for your score ! Reply
by DF7ZS on September 16, 2002 Mail this to a friend!
Hey contesters around the world !

Why could answering a QSL card help your contesting score .... no idea .... gosch. Maybe you are wrong.

Tuning up and down the band on weekends when the xyz contest is on air, I usually give my friends some QSO's (points) even when I am not realy participating in the event. 50 - 100 QSO's are no big deal.

I can spot the true contesters easy in my log. If a station is there on any major event that adds up qso's on the "worked before" list. I give away points even if it is not a new station, or a new band, but:

I had stoped recently waisting my time working people that never answer any QSL's !!! NO QSL - NO QSO !!!

Sorry, I am just one of that old fashioned guys who care about a QSL for a first contact on a mode and or band .....

I know a few friend who act the same way it it is a litle revenge to listen to CQ contest without answering to the "usual suspects" ...

I have no problem making the 10th qso on a band with the "good guys" for their pleasure and contesting joy.



RE: QSL'ing could be good for your score ! Reply
by OE5CYL on September 20, 2002 Mail this to a friend!
I fully agree to that message. I act in the same way.

vy 73 de Karl

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