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Contesting Online Forums : Tips : QSK - Cause relay damage? Forums Help

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QSK - Cause relay damage? Reply
by wb8yqj on February 13, 2002 Mail this to a friend!
Hi Guys,

Anyone used their tranceiver on Full break-IN QSK for CW contests and run into a problem with wear on the T/R relay after a couple years? I have a new 756Pro, and will go SEMI on break-IN if it is necessary to avoid servicing issues on down the road.

Don Rasmussen WB8YQJ
Carlsbad, Ca.
RE: QSK - Cause relay damage? Reply
by w4bqf on February 17, 2002 Mail this to a friend!
Oh yes, many!! But only on my Titan amp. It uses a vacuum relay, but I key the amp at 80+wpm regularly during QSO's. So the relays normally last for one year and I have to change them. I recently changed to the military version of the RJ1A and it's been hanging in for over two years. Neither my Omni 6+ nor my IC-781 have ever had any problems with the T/R relays and I do ABUSE them. I do run most contest between 24 and 32 wpm. I would think you would have no problem with your Pro either. Personally I can't work CW without full QSK operating all of the time.

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