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Contesting Online Forums : Tips : Soundcard RTTY Forums Help

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Soundcard RTTY Reply
by kb7ozt on July 19, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Is there an inexpensive way to operate RTTY with a soundcard in a contest environment? It seems like most of the RTTY/soundcard programs out there are not really set up for contesting. The contesting rtty programs that are out there are set up for a TNC and/or cost a fortune (o.k. so I'm cheap). I have seen a few posts where MMTTY was used with W1FB (which I guess isn't available freeware anymore) but this seems like it is still in the trial stages and not very common.

Just for info I am using a Fujitsu lap top 500mhz with 64mb of ram. A Kenwood TS-440 that has the Kenwood interface set-up.

I haven't operated my own station in a contest before and am thinking of trying the CQ/RJ contest in Sept. I would like to try for fun with a small investment if possible. The important thing seems to be getting the cabrillo output for the log. I would appreciate any ideas or comments.

Thanks for reading,
Sean Carothers
RE: Soundcard RTTY Reply
by SV1DKL on July 20, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Dear Sean,
I find only one solution that will fulfill your needs.
Take a look at and you'll see Writelog
is the only available contest program around that does
everything you asked for. I am tremendously happy working with it in all major contests, as it uses the sound card for : Digital Voice Keying, Contest Recording with MP3 Compression to a file in your hard disk, RTTY normal or reverse at several bauds, PSK31 or BPSK / QPSK, CW decoding in multiple bandwidths of the sound driven into your sound card's line input.
Moreover, it takes advantage of all your serial ports for: Rig Interfacing (Controls Band, Mode, Frequency, Split,etc.), CW Keying, PTT, Rotor Control.
It can also use your LPT1 to key CW.It's very convenient running a test with Writelog.Just makes it easy.Furthermore, you can export to ADIF,Cabrillo,CT *.bin , ASCII files for electronic log submission.It networks to many PCs for M/M contesting, does SO2R + 2 ROTORS!!! and it does AutoCQ time-selectively!!!
It's not free/shareware , but its price is very attractive to everything you're gonna get out of it.
Just, bare in mind, that using a soundcard with the rig will need an 1:1 audio transformer for ground isolation, in order to reduce the several tones and feedbacks you get when not using it.

Take the time to look at it , you'll be stunned by its

Best regards from Athens , Greece
Stathis , SV1DKL

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