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Contesting Online Forums : Tips : Tri-band antenna Forums Help

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Tri-band antenna Reply
by NJ3K on July 8, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Whats the best value for a Tri-Band at 45 feet?
RE: Tri-band antenna Reply
by W6ZO on July 18, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Is a QUAD band antenna (10 - 40)- Force 12 C4SXL - I have mine at 45' on Rohn 25 with a Hazer - VERY HAPPY with the antenna - and it is not much bigger that the typical tri-bander with a 18' boom - the 2 elements on 40 has been a blast, and performance has been great on the other bands. Other folks have reported problems with FORCE 12 antennas, but I have not had any with this one in 2 years, and another stack of different F-12 models at a customers QTH in 5 years, and a C4 on top of a 23 story building at another customer QTH for 4+ years.

Otherwise - I think I would go with either a KT34 or some sort of a Log Periodic.... but I am quite pleased with what I have - seem to be able to work anything I can hear with QRP.
RE: Tri-band antenna Reply
by KL7HF on July 24, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Ah, the question we have all heard a million times!
The answer to your question is dependant on your
plans and operating priorities.
The Force line was mentioned, and could fit your needs, if contesting is a priority as opposed to
chasing dx.
I can't give a great amount of info on the Force
line as have never even seen one. But I have studied
the mechanical and electrical design, and should
be great for contesting due to smaller directivity than
other antennas. And,it may have a fairly
high radiating angle of it's main lobe.
These characteristics should make for a great U.S.
contest antenna.

If DXing is your priority, probably a quad, the size
depending on your pocketbook. At the height you have,
the radiation angle and directivity of even a 2 el
quad will be hard to equal, even at much greater cost.

A young ham once asked me the question "What is the optimum height for an antenna". In ham radio, there
are just too many variables to answer his question and
yours. Point-to-point would have easy answers, but
our hobby is too varied for any pat answers.
Good luck.


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