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Contesting Online Forums : Tips : Field Day category A Forums Help

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Field Day category A Reply
by N8WRL on June 22, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Kind of last-minute I know, but I'm confused by the rules' description of FD's 'category A'. We're going on a camping trip this weekend and I was planning on operating a bit as 1A but it will only be me - no other hams. Does that quality for 1A operation?

Thanks es 73!

-Brian n8wrl
RE: Field Day category A Reply
by k6rix on June 25, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Well, unless you are a 1 man CLUB, rule 4.1 says that "...a non-club group with three or more licensed amateurs" would be required to participate in class A.

It is possible that you could be part of a club and be the ONLY one to show up. At that point, 1A would be the correct entry. Are you representing a club?

As I understand the rules, class 1A would be a club who only has 1 transmitter on the air every 15 minutes.
This is not your situation.

You would enter as a 1B if camping and 1C if operating out of the vehicle.

The rules are a little GRAY...but thats a good thing sometimes!

Dino Darling...K6RIX
RE: Field Day category A Reply
by N8WRL on June 28, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Nope - I blew it. Just one guy, no club, etc. Didn't read the rules carefully enough - I should have signed 1B and entered 1B-battery - I was running an FT817 QRP rig with a 12v battery at 5w after all.

Anyway, I made about 50 contacts from the tent working on and off to avoid the 100+ degrees it got inside the tent from the SC sun. Kind of depressing to have so much trouble making contacts when I can see the tower and beams out the tent window!

Ah well... Thanks for the feedback!

-Brian n8wrl

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