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Contesting Online Forums : Tips : beverage antennas vs phased verticals @ 160 metres Forums Help

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beverage antennas vs phased verticals @ 160 metres Reply
by VK4ZSS on February 17, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
i have traditionally done most of my operating right on the ocean coast (within a few hundred metres) with 1000-3000 foot beverage antennas beamimg over the salt water to pick up the extra 10db or so of sea gain. but i am getting too old (well maybe just too lazy) to string out beverages for a few days listening and then reel them all in again. also it is becoming almost impossible to find uninhabited suitable sites as the population density increases in south east queensland.

i am considering trying 60ft to 80ft phased verticals using telescoping aluminium masts and moderate earth mats, erected right on the beach. probably a four mast array being a broadside array of 2 cardiods. before i reinvent the wheel - has anyone out there tried this and can compare to beverages?

thanks in advance

73s gd dx de
sam dellit vk4zss
RE: beverage antennas vs phased verticals @ 160 me Reply
by i4jmy on February 19, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
If I were you, I'd consider to erect several tall verticals to improve reception only if the room for some 2WL terminated beverage is missing.
A well designed single vertical is generally enough to be heard, while beverages are excellent receiving antennas that are confortably placed at low height.
Moreover, a good beverage generally outperforms a 4 square array.
Take it easy, and install a beverage considering that such an antenna is uncomparably less work than erecting a four square system with radials and guy wires.

RE: beverage antennas vs phased verticals @ 160 me Reply
by k6iii on March 15, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
How long (in feet) is a 2WL beverage for 1.825mhz ?
Does it need to be a straight line or is a 90-degree
bend detrimental? Could I run it along my wooden fence line about 4 or 5 ft high and tack it to the fence or does it need to be in the clear, free standing and not on the fence frame?

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