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Contesting Online Forums : Tips : Technician Level Contesting Forums Help

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Technician Level Contesting Reply
by KG6DNJ on November 30, 2000 Mail this to a friend!
I'm a fairly new HAM, I hold a technician license, and currently only have access to 2 meter FM radios. From what I've seen, read, etc. it appears that to do any kind of serious contesting, you need to have at least a General license, and an HF rig. Is this indeed the case, or can someone like myself, with a technician license and a 2 meter radio get involved in Contesting?
RE: Technician Level Contesting Reply
by K1TEO on December 1, 2000 Mail this to a friend!
Keep in mind that this website tends to focus on HF contesting. There is a whole world of vhf contesting which of course includes 2 meters. There are major contests sponsored by the ARRL in January, June and September. There are also sprints in the fall and spring as well as a CQ sponsored contest in July. As with HF, most of the activity is on cw and ssb, but there is also some on the FM simplex frequencies as well. In fact you're in a good area of the country for this since W6 tends to have decent fm activity in contests. To really maximize results it would pay to have ssb/cw too. Also keep in mind that you have 10 meters available to you so that (if you can find a rig) you can participate in many of the HF contests. This is a great time to give it a try since 10 meters is great at this phase of the solar cycle. In a few years it'll be much tougher to participate on 10 meters. Good luck and have fun! CU, Jeff K1TEO
RE: Technician Level Contesting Reply
by w4wrl on December 10, 2000 Mail this to a friend!
there are also 6 meter contest being
held year round.check out for more
information. Smirk contest on 6 meters
each spring also is a good vhf contest
for a lot of good action on 6 meters.
yes,there is contesting for the technician
level of ham radio.

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