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Contesting Online Forums : Tips : Explain Multipliers Forums Help

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Explain Multipliers Reply
by k6lsn on February 20, 2009 Mail this to a friend!
I have done a bit of education in contesting, reading rules etc. and have seen some documentation explaining mults but not alot. I am humble enough to say I still don't get it completly. If someone has a second or two could you explain mults.I have been contesting for a season and have just got to the point where I can upload my logs etc. and this would be a big help to have an understanding so I can improve my stratagies. thnx John
RE: Explain Multipliers Reply
by k6lsn on February 22, 2009 Mail this to a friend!
Well, humbled again, I have done some more reading and I think I got it. Pretty simple really. See ya in the contests. 73
RE: Explain Multipliers Reply
by VE3CX on April 2, 2009 Mail this to a friend!
I think you are looking too hard, and not finding an answer.

Lets take a quick look at basic scoring. A contest sponsor will outline the basic rules of who you can work/points per QSO. The more stations you work, the more points you get. To encourage a particular type of contact (say CW vs SSB), they can offer more points for one type of QSO over another. Multipliers also encourage a particular type of QSO for example, different countries in a DX contest. By making these types of QSOs a multiplier, they have a larger impact on your score. Since they have a larger impact on your score, these are the types of stations you will try and work.

If your objective is to maximize your score, you need to balance between lots of QSOs (and the points they offer), and multipliers (and the effect they have on your score). For example, lots of QSOs, and few multipliers will not achieve a maximum score. On the other hand, only working multipliers (and the points that those QSOs offer) will not achieve a maximum score either. The trick becomes how much time do you spend trying to work multipliers vs QSOs just for points? For the top scoring stations, it is a delicate balance. For the rest of us, just get on and have some fun! Over time, you will figure out what balance is correct for your personal objectives.


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