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Contesting Online Forums : Tips : 160 Meter antenna Forums Help

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160 Meter antenna Reply
by k7jj on October 15, 2000 Mail this to a friend!
Anyone got an idea for a simple, up in a hurry wire antenna for 160? Lots of room and lots of low lying oak trees. My qth is on a slope at 3K feet. Inverted L? My tower is only 50 feet tall.
RE: 160 Meter antenna Reply
by W4ZV on October 15, 2000 Mail this to a friend!
Yes, an inverted-L is probably best. It will work fairly well even if the vertical part is only 50 feet high but
I would try to make it as high as possible. Try running a catenary from the top of your tower to the highest
oak tree and suspend it as far away from the tower as you can to minimize absorption. I would make the
overall length 131' which will provide a reasonable match to 50 ohm coax. Put down as many radials
as you can, either elevated or on the least 20 about 70' long on the ground or 4 elevated about
130' long will work reasonably well. I first started on 160 with a hastily erected inverted-L for the 1984
CQWW it's my favorite band!

73, Bill W4ZV
RE: 160 Meter antenna Reply
by n8yel on October 23, 2000 Mail this to a friend!

Saw your question and here of course is my reply.

I have done the inverted L and used it with good results. My installation put the top of the L
at abt. 40 feet. I used no radials but did have a ground rod for the shield at the feedpoint.
SWR results were pretty good and I was able to chat on 160!

Then just for kicks I decided to take part in the CQWW 160 SSB (1999) contest and built a
half wave dipole. Got out the trusty slingshot and was able to hoist the apex of said
dipole in inverted V config to abt 60 feet (gotta lofe those tall Michigan trees!) Dipole and
Inverted L were both made out of #12 enameled copper wire. Used the dipole and the L during
the contest.
Dipole was MUCH quieter than the L. Contest was great and I took first palce in Michigan in the
Low power catagory. YEAH! I did use the dipole more and of course signal reports were good.
I also worked 46 states on the dipole on 160!

Now, having moved, and to a house with a smaller lot (bummer) I have put up a Alpha Delta
DX-LB dipole which covers 40/80/160 meter bands and is abt 100+ feet long.. Inverted V config.
Apex height is 45 feet with the ends 20 feet off the ground. Better than 2:1 SWR on 40. 80
and 160 need a little love from the tuner but thus far I am happy with the results. A little pricey
at $119.00 but it currently fulfills my needs and it is working great.

Any questions feel free to ask.

Peter Venlet, N8YEL

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