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Contesting Online Forums : Tips : Tower Anchors Forums Help

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Tower Anchors Reply
by K5EWJ on September 27, 2006 Mail this to a friend!
I am preparing to install a tower. Anyone have info on how much bending moment that a piece of 3" pipe will take?
RE: Tower Anchors Reply
by KB9CRY on October 9, 2006 Mail this to a friend!
Not much. Pipe is designed to carry fluids or gases and is built to withstand pressure equally distributed from within.

Post this same question on the TowerTalk reflector as you'll get better/wiser answers there.

RE: Tower Anchors Reply
by vk2cz on October 15, 2006 Mail this to a friend!
Pipe stiffness is defined as = G*(D squared)... so by doubling the Diameter of the pipe say to 6", the pipe is 4 times stiffer.

Interesting the stiffness of a tube is not much affected by the wall thickness, indeed a solid 3" diameter rod is only 30% stiffer than say a 3" pipe with a quarter inch wall.

Look to a flagpole for some guideance with regard to loading... you may only get to support a small HF yagi about 15' off the ground with a 3" pipe..

I know some steels seriously drop in strength when temperature drop below zero.. but have never had to worry about that here.. have a chat with a local structural engineer.. they can be friendly.. ;-}
David VK2CZ

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