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Contesting Online Forums : Tips : SDR 1000 Forums Help

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SDR 1000 Reply
by k3vx on July 30, 2006 Mail this to a friend!
Has anyone used Flex Radio's SDR1000 in a contest? If so, what features work well/badly?
RE: SDR 1000 Reply
by w9oy on August 1, 2006 Mail this to a friend!
I used my SDR-1000 in the ARRL dx contest and this past field day. I use it in CAT mode with TS-2000 emulation. I use N1MM contesting software and K1EL winkey for the keying interface.

The radio is essentially transparent as the software does all the control. The receiver is a brick wall. In the DX test I was looking for the worst scenario I could find. I found 2 DX stations in different parts of the world on 80M. Each was weaker than s4. They were measured at 50hz apart using an audio analyzer to determine freq. Each station was being called by several stateside and European stations, some of which were very strong.

With the SDR I was able separate both DX stations into single signal copy, and I was able to work both stations in succession. I brought up my Orion on freq and I was not able to separate the stations the way I could with the SDR-1000.

I have 2 stations with 2 full size vertical antenna systems 120ft apart. If I am on 80M with one station, I am able to operate the SDR on 40 or 160 and I can not tell in the SDR when I am transmitting on the other radio. I have measured +33 dBm on the SDR's antenna when I am transmitting 1500w with the other radio.
Part of my vertical system consists of a full size 80M (66ft tall), a half wave 40M end fed (66ft tall), and a 137ft inverted L on 160M. So when transmitting on the 66ft vertical both the 66ft half wave and the 137 ft inv-L should have reasonably high voltages induced in them.

In the past there was an issue with the CW performance of the radio. That has been solved with upgrades in the software. The radio is not QSK, but semi-breakin, but the semi-breakinn is fast enough. I am very pleased in general with the behavior of the radio. In addition to an open collector devoted to switching a linear, the radio does have a series of 6 open collectors that can be turned on with a band change in both RX and TX so you have the ability to change antenna with band and also turn preamps off and on between TX and RX etc. My SDR is set up to switch between 5 antennas with band change

I hope this analysis is of some use

73 W9OY

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