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Contesting Online Forums : Tips : beams Forums Help

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beams Reply
by G0VDZ on June 7, 2006 Mail this to a friend!
Has anyone used a mosley ta 33 jr for a field day contest and if so how did it perform. All the best Nigel G0VDZ
RE: beams Reply
by KH7U on June 17, 2006 Mail this to a friend!

The TA-33jr will perform as well as any other triband yagi in a similar design class and installation limitation. I assume you will be running within the power limitation of the antenna. It has the advantage of being lighter than most.

Your primary concern for performance will be getting the antenna high enough off the ground to get your take-off angle down (for DX). A minimum of 30 feet would be nice.

Another will be if you're running more than one transmitter at your Field Day. Any tribander will allow more resonant other-band RF to hit your receiver front end. Bandpass filters and coax stubs can help.

If you happen to be right on the ocean you could mount one yagi vertically on a non-metallic pole near the water and bring your take-off angle way down. If the other yagi (for closer in work) is still horizontal you'll get some isolation from the polarization differentiation.

Be aware that the traps don't always drain well in rain when mounted vertically. We use two Mosley CL-33 yagis in vertical fashion at our KH6J Field Day effort each year. They're within 30 feet of the ocean.

Do you have any specific questions or details on use?

Aloha, 73

Kimo Chun, KH7U
VP, Koolau Amateur Radio Club, KH6J
RE: beams Reply
by G0VDZ on June 18, 2006 Mail this to a friend!
Dear Kimo, thanks for the info. We are only allowed 100 watts on field day but as many antennas as we like up to a height of 60 feet. We have a nice pump up mast that will be used for the beam that is 30ft and will take it no problem. We do have an old westrn dx penitrator but it will not come down to the cw end of the band on 20 metres. It also has a reputation on 20 and it is also rather tired. The club has agreed to a new beam it is just what to buy, without breaking the bank. The reports on eham for this beam look very favorable.
Our site is a sports field at about 100 ft ASL and is close to the river Thames, but we do not think it is a great location for contest work etc.
The thing is a lot of the members, myself included are a little long in the tooth and still like some of the home comforts. As there is a bar, showers and a few home comforts, we are quite happy with the site for the social side of field day.
The main aim is to put a strong signal into europe, Germany in particular, as they have there field day at the same time and portable staions are double points. We are only allowed one transmitter and so inter-mod etc is no problem.
Once again thanks for the info all the best Nigel

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