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Contesting Online Forums : Tips : pse help me with Kenpro KR-1000S Forums Help

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pse help me with Kenpro KR-1000S Reply
by DH6JL on November 27, 2005 Mail this to a friend!

Good day,
i have a great problem, perhaps you can solve it.
This year i bought a house with a antenna mast and on the mast
is a rotator. It is the KENPRO KR-1000S with the serial:
MI9034 ... 2 weeks ago the controlling unit had a failure so
i opened it and saw that the rubberwire from the motor was broken...and i got a original one from the kenpro-suplierer
in germany and tried to change the broken one.
Due fingertrouble the control unit was to fall down and i caught it in the last moment BUT the "wheels" where faling down and the vari-resistor was no more the the original position.
But now here is my question... could you please be so kind
and help me to fix my KR-1000S ?
I need a plan to adjust the controlunit including the
vari-resistor, so that the right antenna direction will be shown to me. In the moment everything is mismatched in the control-unit.
My very best greetings and many thanks in advance for your
attantion, work and spent time..

Yours sincerly Michael Grehl, DH6JL

RE: pse help me with Kenpro KR-1000S Reply
by GM3WOJ on January 29, 2006 Mail this to a friend!
Hi Michael
I've been repairing the controller of an old Kenpro KR-600RC recently - I expect the schematic will be similar - please check my webpage
It is not easy to adjust the 5 potentiometers - there should be 3 presets on the PCB in the controller. The KR-600RC has a gear-driven pot in the controller but otherwise probably the same circuit as your KR-1000S
Please e-mail me off-reflector for more help...

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