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Contesting Online Forums : Tips : K2 vs FT1K Mk5 Forums Help

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K2 vs FT1K Mk5 Reply
by K0BHC on July 16, 2005 Mail this to a friend!
I have a Mk 5, but now that I'm over here in Afghanistan without it, I'm thinking about building a K2/100. I know the receiver is more than adequate, but how does it stack up as a contesting rig? When I get back, can I use it with my MP in SO2R without losing my controlability? Comments? Thanks & 73, Brad K0BHC/T6
RE: K2 vs FT1K Mk5 Reply
by yi9vcq on July 19, 2005 Mail this to a friend!
Hey, Brad.

Just read your post and didn't know you were in Afghanistan. I know you from CFARS back in Fayettville.

Don't know how good the K2 receiver stacks up against the Mk5 but reviews are good. I plan to build a K2/100 when I return to Bragg.

Please feel free to email me at It would be nice to hear from you. I'll give you more details on my ham operation from Iraq.


Al Asad, Iraq
RE: K2 vs FT1K Mk5 Reply
by N4SL on August 7, 2005 Mail this to a friend!
Hi Brad,

I have both an FT1000MP Mark V and a K2/100 in a QRO SO2R setup. I've run them side-by-side in CW and SSB sweepstakes, 10m contest and casually in other contests, plus used them both in Field Day (100W) and also QRP FD.

I've added the Roofing Filter mod to my FT1000 but I didn't add the DSP noise reduction board to my K2.

Absolutely, the K2/100 stands up very well as a contest radio! The ONLY negatives for the K2/100 is a lack of SSB monitor output and a limited VOX control (select PTT, VOX 200mS, 400mS or 1Sec delay). I cured this by making a little mixer outside the radio to mix in some SSB transmit audio into the headphones and by using CAT-controlled T-R RS232 commands and driving the mic input from my sound card and using mostly pre-recorded strings. It works OK with a headset and VOX but it's not continously adjustable like the high-end radios.

The K2 stands up very well to nasty contest conditions, the receiver really is as good or better than the FT1000 except I don't have the DSP NR on my K2 (which I don't use during a contest anyway).

While the K2 has multiple-press keypad controls for some things, I adapted quickly to it. The controls don't have the same smooth, silky feel the Yaesu has and the Yaesu's controls are a bit faster to use but it's not a problem. The K2 has dual VFOs but not two receivers and you use the same controls for both VFOs, not nearly as slick as the FT1000... but the FT1000's 2nd receiver isn't nearly as good as the primary one and it doesn't really run split band.

I used and highly recommend using the program 'spectrogram' for tuning the IF filters, you can tune them exactly as you want them.

One negative on CW, you cannot change the preferred receive pitch on-the-fly like most high end radios. I prefer 800Hz and most people prefer more like 500Hz. With the FT1000, you just make a single menu change and it's done. With the K2, you must re-align the IF filters which isn't hard but is NOT done during a contest!

The CAT port works great for me using Writelog.

If my shack burned to the ground today, I'd be very tempted to buy TWO K2/100s to replace it, but would probably buy either another FT1000 or a Ten-Tec Orion and a K2/100.

GL, 73, Steve N4SL Snohomish, WA USA
RE: K2 vs FT1K Mk5 Reply
by N2WN on August 17, 2005 Mail this to a friend!
Hi Al,

Thanks for the QSO during the WAE CW weekend, you had a decent signal. Too bad it wasn't the Asia contest, much stronger signals from that region during the test.

I've been using the K2/100 for contesting several seasons now and love it. It works very well with N1MM. Several folks are using it SO2R, you may wish to check the Elecraft reflector and ask for experiences there.

I have several close stations that run KWs during the tests and rarely have any issues with FE overload. I haven't used the 1K, but other Yaesu Radios did get swamped in the same situation.

Look forward to a couple more K2 contest operators. Hope you both have a safe tour..

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