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Contesting Online Forums : Tips : What to do at the Start / when moving bands Forums Help

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What to do at the Start / when moving bands Reply
Anonymous post on September 21, 2000 Mail this to a friend!
Guys, I'm having a go at my second contest this weekend &
I've got most of my tactics sorted + a little bit more organised than my 1st ever which was a total disaster.
When the contest starts ( station in question is single op / low power (100W) with Vertical + Wire), do you think it's better to S+P 1st to get all the big stations logged as
they're gonna stay on their frequ's and then call CQ after
you've got them or the other way round. I'm not trying to
do brilliant but am wondering about wasting time as a small
station calling CQ when the QSO counts are flying elsewhere.
Also same question for when you move bands.
Any general tips / advice would also be of help. I've been
trying to take in as much as poss..

Thanks a Million Rob MW5EPA
RE: What to do at the Start / when moving bands Reply
by N6DW on September 21, 2000 Mail this to a friend!
The best answer is: It depends

I am in your shoes when contesting from home & I have operated good sized stations with top ops. All the best ops will tell you that calling cq will get you the best scores, but that is from the perspective of having a good signal. It doesn't do much good to call cq if you're buried in wall to wall S9's. It does make sense if you can find a clear space - 10 & 15 will have clear space at the upper ends. It won't produce a run like 14.185 might, but it will produce runs.

If you choose to start s&p, listen for the storm to die down & run a clear freq when you can find them. After a while, the bigger stations (not the multi-multis) will begin to work out the ones they can hear & s&p themselves. Then more frequencies open up, and the ones who left will be looking for you.

With your call you have an advantage. If you pick a higher run freq and let a few people know, the crowd will probably come to you anyway.

The biggest thing is not to get discouraged. Running low power with mediocre antennas means your signal won't be much better than a QRPer with a beam. You'll hear the big guns running up 2000 q's while you're dreaming of triple digits. Don't worry about it. When the scores come out, you'll probably look pretty good in your class.

Have fun!
RE: What to do at the Start / when moving bands Reply
by N2MG on January 28, 2003 Mail this to a friend!

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