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Contesting Online Forums : Tips : Field Day & PSK31 Forums Help

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Field Day & PSK31 Reply
by K2ZR on June 12, 2005 Mail this to a friend!
Hi All:
I'd like to know your thoughts on the impact of PSK31 during Field Day?
This mode is new to me and would like to know what the expected activity level will be like.
RE: Field Day & PSK31 Reply
by N7XB on June 16, 2005 Mail this to a friend!

psk31 is growing in use every year, including Field Day. Rememeber, in Field Day a digitial contact, such as psk31, counts two points, like CW. For the qrp and other battery ops, psk31 is an extrememly efficient mode, especially when powered by the FT-817.

Even W1AW sends a bonus message in psk31 which adds points if copied. With 20 meters being the workhorse band, just park on 14.070 and have fun. Other psk freqs are 28.120, 21.070. 7.070 and 3.580 (all USB).

I will look for your call in Field Day. I will either work single op battery under my own call, or once again operate the digital station for the Portland Amateur Radio Club (W7LT).

Bruce N7XB
Portland OR
(ARRL WAS PSK31 16-May-2002)

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