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Contesting Online Forums : CWSprint : Logging incomplete QSOs Forums Help

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Logging incomplete QSOs Reply
by N2MG on May 31, 2000 Mail this to a friend!
I call CQ. Station X answers me. I send my exchange. Station X sends his exchange but I miss something. Before (or just as) I ask for a reply, Station Y (much louder and faster than me) jumps in and calls Station X and they make a 50WPM QSO. Station X is gone.

I now have an incomplete exchange. How do I log this?

RE: Logging incomplete QSOs Reply
by W4AN on June 3, 2000 Mail this to a friend!

This is simple given the information you provided...

YOU DON'T LOG THE QSO! He gets dinged for 3 QSO's.

The way to avoid this from happening is to send a string of dits on the frequency while the new station calling is sending his callsign for about as long as you figure it will take for him to send his callsign and at the end of the dits send ? NR ? or whatever you missed. This works for me most of the time.

Regardless, that station should make sure you have the information or you should make sure he knows you don't.


RE: Logging incomplete QSOs Reply
by k5tr on February 14, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
You dont log the QSO.

Something similar to what you describe happens to me in almost
every contest - it did in this past sprint.

I removed the QSO from my log.

In fact if there is *any* doubt that I made a QSO in the sprint then I dont log it.


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