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Current Articles

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Getting Started in Contesting
by Steve London (n2ic) on April 6, 2007
ON4WW's Guide to DXing and Contesting
by Steve London (n2ic) on April 4, 2007
In multiple languages !
Wikipedia - Amateur Radio Contesting
by Steve London (n2ic) on April 4, 2007
Contesting FAQ
by George Fremin III - K5TR on March 29, 2007
Tom, SP5GH
by Henryk Kotowski (SM0JHF) on December 15, 2006
Contest as Emergency Simulation
by Henryk Kotowski (SM0JHF) on December 15, 2006
SAC from both sides
by Henryk Kotowski (SM0JHF) on December 15, 2006
Meet Glenn, K6NA
by SM0JHF on December 15, 2006
High QSO Totals Offer Insight
by Kenneth E. Harker (wm5r) on October 13, 2006
3rd World Wide Young Contesters meeting
by (yt7rw) on July 1, 2006
How much does a QSO cost?
by Frans Schwartz site manager PA6Z (pa6z) on January 8, 2006
PA6Z on their 2005 contest summary
The D4B Aftermath
by SM0JHF on December 12, 2005
SM0JHF takes us on a brief tour of the D4B aftermath
Contester's Profile - SM0AJU
by SM0JHF on November 4, 2005
Meet Leif SM0AJU
Welcome Back To Contesting
by SM0JHF on October 16, 2005
Waldemar, SM0TQX's return to contesting
No code makes No sense: think about it
by Willie L. Baber (wj9b) on July 26, 2005
WJ9B on the FCC's proposal to eliminate the CW licensing requirement...

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