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An Okie in the Galopagos
by Ken Adams K5KA on April 9, 2001
K5KA on his great HC8 experience
CQ WW 2000 : Island of Benbecula.
by Tom Costford ( MM0BHX ) on March 6, 2001
The GM0B Story
How I Fell in Love with Contesting
by Lee Buller (K0WA) on March 5, 2001
With Lee Buller K0WA
I Married a Ham
by Margarita Quarles, K5MSQ on February 7, 2001
Margarita K5MSQ's tale of marrying a ham
Re : 10m arrl contest
by paul G3PJV on December 29, 2000
An update from G3PJV
W1HIJ's Visit to Bora Bora
by Bill Scholz (W1HIJ) on December 29, 2000
Bill Scholz, FO0SCH Guides Us
The Joys of Contesting
by Richard Donovan (n5xm) on December 1, 2000
K6IF's Quest - 2000 ARRL 10 Meter Contest
by Dan Levin (K6IF) on November 30, 2000
Follow K6IF on his journey
K3SA / ZF2SA Silent Key
by Bob Naumann (N5NJ) on November 29, 2000
K3SA Suffers Fatal Heart Attack While Diving
2 Radio Contesting
by Larry Tyree, N6TR on November 10, 2000
Larry 'Tree' Tyree N6TR, describes SO2R operation
First Contest!
by Stephen Jeffrey (kc7ued) on October 18, 2000
After listening in on contests, and even offering my callsign to a few places I had wanted to contact, I was beginning to think I wanted to attempt a weekend of constant, redundant talking into my microphone.
The Die Hard DX'er!
by Clinton Herbert (AB7RG) on October 18, 2000
A day in the life of Clinton Herbert, AB7RG.
Six-Meters; Questions & Answers:
by Clinton Herbert (AB7RG) on October 9, 2000
Everything you always wanted to know...
Cool That Rig!
by Daniel Bartlett (vk4tdb) on September 24, 2000
Don't let it burn!
Contest Writers Wanted !
by Bob Naumann (N5NJ) on September 24, 2000
Contesters! Dust off that keyboard !

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