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Old Station and New Blood

Michael D. Ihry (n5kb) on August 10, 2000
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Old Station with New Blood by Michael D. Ihry N5KB

The WD5GSL call has been around forever.  Not sure when the exact date was for it's first license but probably in the `50's. 

The call belonged to the E-Systems Radio Club for many years. It now has been changed to the Raytheon Amateur Radio Club. 

The club has had a varying number of members over the years as hams come here to work and some move on. It currently has 16 members and I have had the honor of serving as the Vice President of it since January. The President is now Scott Singleton KM5SJ. 

He was the President of the Sulphur Springs, TX club and I was the President of the Sabine Valley Amateur Radio Association. (SVARA) 

When we took the reins of the club the shack was located in an old trailer house in the far back 40 of Raytheon's acres here at the Greenville Airport we call Major's Field. The first items of business were to add members to our club through the publicity we could get in our free company newspaper called the Etrader. 

Then we wanted to do an inventory of club owned equipment and move the shack to a more user friendly area. After a little coercing from our Secretary, we were granted an area of upstairs office space that I will just call Bay 3. This area had one big advantage over the other in the back 40. 

A Bathroom !!! 

Almost immediately we moved the HF rig to Bay 3 and set up what we could. A computer was donated to us and I installed NA. We purchased and installed a R7000 Vertical on the top of Bay 3 and were on the air by mid-February. 

There was lots of interest at first and I thought there might be fist fights about who was going to use the rig and when. That went away and Barry Griffith (KB5BNV)has become the main operator of the station. 

He is a Tech Plus and can be found on 10 Meters everyday about 11:30 to 12:30 Texas Time(Central). 

As of August he has worked 63 countries and is trying for the DXCC 2K award. 

If you hear him on the air, please give him a q and encourage him to upgrade and get on the other bands. (I nag him a lot.) 

I go to the new shack to watch/operate and give him pointers.

It is a pleasure watching his eyes light up when he gets a new country.

Good Luck getting the rest of them Barry!

Member Comments: Add A Comment
1000mp menus Reply
by WB2QVA on August 23, 2000 Mail this to a friend!
Hi name is Jim Is there a list available of the hidden menus and how do you get there? Thanks Jim
1000mp Reply
by WB2QVA on August 23, 2000 Mail this to a friend!
Sorry I think this got posted to the wrong area. 73Jim
Good Ship Lollipop Reply
by k7bg on September 2, 2000 Mail this to a friend!
I remember someone using a taped CQ loop using the above phonetics in SS in 81 or 82. Musta been this call? I remember the tape was gettting a little "warbly" near the end of the contest.
RE: Good Ship Lollipop Reply
by n5kb on September 6, 2000 Mail this to a friend!
Yup..That was probably Victor Paul Wb0tev and he was very active then. Even won a few contests from here.
Mike N5KB
Update! Reply
by n5kb on October 15, 2000 Mail this to a friend!
As of 12 Oct 2000, Barry now has 116 countries on 10 meters.
Mike N5KB
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