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Contesters Of South-Eastern Poland

from SM0JHF on August 7, 2007
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Contesters In South-Eastern Poland

0x01 graphic

The panoramic view of SP8BRQ's QTH

While visiting Poland in the summer of 2007 I made a short trip to the Subcarpathian voivodeship (province) located in the very south-eastern corner of the country, bordering with Ukraine and Slovakia. This region has a great recreational potential being partly hilly and wooded in almost 50%. The human population density is low while deer, wolf and bear thrive here. Today this area is accessible and has a good network of roads, gas stations, hotels and restaurants. And the Amateur Radio activity is on the rise.

0x01 graphic

Andrzej, SP8BRQ in his radio room relaxing with a can in his hand

The most potent HF signal originating from south-eastern Poland belongs to Andrzej, SP8BRQ. He lives in the southern suburb of Rzeszów, (pronounced with the French Je for Rz, the English sh sound for sz and the letter ó sounds as in the word move, if it is of any help) the main town of the province. Andrzej had lived in the city but as it often happens, anyone who gets serious about Amateur Radio, and contesting in particular, needs more space than even the most liberal town can offer so he moved to a rural area a few years ago. His station has directional antennas for all bands from 80 to 10 meters. Flat fields around his house provide ample stretch for numerous Beverage receiving antennas.

0x01 graphic

The main tower of SP8BRQ with directional antennas for 80,40 and 20 meter bands

SP8BRQ is the south-eastern pillar of the SN0HQ team. In 2007 edition of the IARU HF Championship there were 8 operators here apart from Andrzej himself. The main station was running 7 MHz CW while the second set was chasing multipliers on other bands.

0x01 graphic

Janek, SP8FHK in his radio corner of the wooden cabin

0x01 graphic

The antennas of Janek, SP8FHK hidden in the forest

One of the SN0HQ operators here was Janek, SP8FHK. He used to live in Rzeszów but being retired, he spends most of the time in his rustic hut somewhere in the woods in the north-eastern part of the voivodeship. But I found him - without GPS assistance - getting the final instructions on 144 MHz FM. Janek is very active in contests and has gathered a large number of trophies and certificates in spite of relatively simple antennas and the trees around them. He has been using a shorter call sign SN8F for some time.

0x01 graphic

Janek, SP8FHK outside his radio shack. The metal structure hanging on the wall is actually a 2 element 21 MHz antenna waiting to be used one day.

0x01 graphic

The QTH of Marek, SQ8JLA in Nisko

Not so far away from Janek's hideaway, some 20 miles north-west, near one of the main roads, easy to find as a piece of cake, is the station of Marek, SQ8JLA. He became interested in Ham radio in the 70´s but it was only 8 years ago he got on the air with his own call sign. In the meantime he had spent several years in the USA and is still a fequent visitor to Dayton Hamvention. Marek´swife, Alicia holds the call sign SQ8JMB. So she does not mind a radio room in the newly build house, filled with bulky equipment.

0x01 graphic

Inside the radio room of Marek, SQ8JLA

His station is also a part of the SN0HQ network and in the most recent IARU HF Championship he took care of 160 and 15 meter bands with the assistance of a few local guys and Lukasz, SP8CUR from Lancut, east of Rzeszów.

0x01 graphic

The rotary antennas of Marek, SQ8JLA

0x01 graphic

Father-and-son team in Lancut, Lukasz, SP8CUR (left) and Marek, SP8CUW

Lukasz, SP8CUR shares a modern and versatile station with his father Marek, SP8CUW. Marek is more technically inclined while Lukasz is keen on contesting and advancing his proficiency. Having good support is crucial to being successful so I am sure we are going to hear of and from Lukasz in the future. This father-son team is active on VHF and microwaves as well.

0x01 graphic

The antennas of Marek, SP8CUW and Lukasz, SP8CUR in Lancut.

0x01 graphic

The house and antenna tower of SP8CUW&SP8CUR teacm

I have also met Wojtek, SP8AJK who used to be quite active in contests but not any more. He is about to be retired so maybe he will devote more time to contesting then. He is a very competent operator on CW, Phone and RTTY which is evidenced by a dozen DXCC certificates for different bands and modes, all of them with stickers in the region of 300+. Wojtek uses a compact SpiderBeam antenna and a compact and ancient home-made power amplifier.

0x01 graphic

Wojtek, SP8AJK in front of his two-floor house with a SpiderBeam on the roof

0x01 graphic

The operating position of Wojtek, SP8AJK

0x01 graphic

A high-power amplifier takes shape in the hands of Edward, SP8FUX

Talking about power amplifiers I must mention Edward, SP8FUX. He is called here Mr Amplifier, known for his excellent home-made but professionally finished assorted power amplifiers. When I visited him in July 2007, Edward was busy assembling a very advanced 2-tube microprocessor-controlled HF amplifier. He lives in a apartment and never uses high power but gets an occasional DX thanks to a modest rotary delta antenna on the roof. Edward lives downtown Rzeszów.

0x01 graphic

Edward, SP8FUX on his roof in downtown Rzeszow

0x01 graphic

Edward, SP8FUX in his combined radio shack, lab and computer room.

This area used to be one of the poorest and disadvantaged in Poland. Today the economy is good, the roads are fine, it is easy to explore the natural beauty of the province. The number of Amateur Radio operators is growing and the activity is surprisingly high. I have met only a small fraction of the total Ham population here.

Henryk Kotowski, SM0JHF

August 2007

Member Comments: Add A Comment
Contesters Of South-Eastern Poland Reply
by zs6aaa on August 14, 2007 Mail this to a friend!
Thanks for a lovely article, with some excellent photographs. I always enjoy seeing other contesters, their equipment and antennas, so I really enjoyed this one. I'm also pleased that I worked one of the contesters mentioned (Wojek SP8AJK) in WAEDC last weekend.

Andrew ZS6AA
Contesters Of South-Eastern Poland Reply
by AC0E on February 5, 2008 Mail this to a friend!
Thank you for the wonderful article and photos. It is always a treat to see the stations, antennas, people and wonderful countryside from the far away places most can only dream of visiting!

Garden City, Kansas
RE: Contesters Of South-Eastern Poland Reply
by k4ro on February 10, 2008 Mail this to a friend!
I enjoyed the article and photos very much.
I notice that two of the amplifiers from two
different shacks have a small red heart on
them, apparently with some white lettering.
Can anyone tell me what the lettering says?


-Kirk K4RO
RE: Contesters Of South-Eastern Poland Reply
by NI1L on June 9, 2008 Mail this to a friend!
the lettering says
"Wielka Orkiestra Swiatecznej Pomocy"
which is translated into
"The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity".
This is the biggest charity organisation in Poland -
you can look them up at

Les NI1L

Contesters Of South-Eastern Poland Reply
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