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WAEDC upcoming season

Helmut Mueller (DF7ZS) on June 19, 2007
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In August the WAEDC season starts over again. It's time for your QTC's!

We have made some small changes in the WAEDC concept for 2007.

Spotlight on the US call areas.

Workings as the new WAEDC manager for a couple of month now, the vast majority of email I get are really positive. There seems to be only one thing that keeps popping up every now and than from US stations: It the call areas.

Apparently we did not make a very good job in 2006 taking care of the call areas especially in the US. In theory there can be a W6ABC entering a log into WAEDC but in fact operating from W2 land or vice versa. That screws up the whole call area idea. There are significant differences of how easy or difficult it is t work into Europe depending of where in the US you are located. Would it be fun “winning” call area six if you are actually located in area two? Of course we can not manually keep track of who is where in the US. This way it would also not be very transparent in the result lists at all. On the other hand we know that longwinded call signs are a pain too - nobody likes to operate W6ABC/2. This creates all kinds of possible errors.

Here is our approach for 2007 to get this right:

1. You work the contest with your normal call sign. Same way you would normally do.
2. Enter your call sign into the Cabrillo file like: CALLSIGN: W6ABC/2

Of course this effects only stations that work from other call areas than their call sign would suggest. There is no need for W6ABC/6 if you worked form the area 6.

Please help us to get this right. I would love to see more US stations participating in this exciting contest. QTC's are often stated as “micro-pileups” …. And they are fun!

About the certificates: Your online certificate!

One of the brand new changes for the 2006 WAEDC season was the introduction of the online certificates. No more waiting, no more lost mail, no more photocopying for the team members. With the online release of the results, you can immediate print and save your own certificate. The certificates will be created automatically out of our results database and can be downloaded from the website as a PDF file. Apart from saving a few thousand Euros each year on printing and postage, we will also have certificates for every participant. In some discussions the opinion came up, that the WAEDC certificate is nothing worth anymore when “anyone” can have one? Wrong - you still want to have your first rank on it, but if you are happy wit a 10th place in your category, why not display it on your shack wall. And what a great fun it will be replacing the 10th place of 2006 with an even better rank in 2007! Of course the continental winner plaques will still be the metal ones you know.

The NEW results magazine:

Every year we put together the WAEDC/WAG results magazine. Since 2006 it is bigger and more colourful than ever. It features YOUR personal stories about the WAEDC contests. Meet other participants around the world and read their short stories. After the contest we would love to receive some thoughts, highlight's and pictures from YOUR experience at the 2007 WAEDC's!

The 2006 magazine can be downloaded here:

The facts:

The Deutscher Amateur Radio Club (DARC) invites radio amateurs world wide to participate in the annual WAE-DX-Contest.

1 Times:

CW: August, second full weekend
Saturday, August 11, 2007, 0000 UTC until Sunday, August 12, 2007, 2359 UTC

SSB: September, second full weekend
Saturday, September 8, 2007, 0000 UTC until Sunday, September 9, 2007, 2359 UTC

RTTY: November, second full weekend
Saturday, November 10, 2007, 0000 UTC until Sunday, November 11, 2007, 2359 UTC


Logs need to be sent in STF or Cabrillo-Format to the following E-Mail-Address:




Be sure to put the station call sign in the subject of each message.

By submitting an electronic log, the participant claims to fully accept the rules of the contest. A written declaration is not necessary.

Any Questions?

E-Mail: (no Logs, administrative requests only)

The complete rules can be found here:

Hope to see you in the WAEDC contest!

Kind regards

Helmut Müller (DF7ZS)

WAEDC Contest Manager

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