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from EA3GLJ
Website: on April 15, 2007
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OBJECTIVE: Fomenting the activity and experimentation in this magic band, field day operations as well as CW. In Spain there are still some areas where the operation in this band is not allowed. So a list of all the stations having part in this contest will be sent to the telecommunications ministry in order to avoid such restrictions in the excluded areas.

We would appreciate that club stations taking part in this contest would send us together with logs a letter signed by the association explaining that they agree with our demand. That letter will be attached to the stations list explained above.

* Please show clear in the summary sheet if you do not want to be included in this list.

ENTRANTS: Licensed amateur radio and SWL from all over the world.


Single operator Multioperator or club stations Short Wave Listeners (SWL)

Only one transmitter can be used at the same time. Multioperator stations can use two transmitters (one for each mode: SSB and CW) whenever the antennas of both transmitters will be separated less than 50 meters.

All stations must be operated from the same location during all contest period.

CONTEST PERIOD: From Saturday 1000 UTC 9th June till Sunday 1600 UTC 10th June 2007. Single operators must have a minimun resting period of 6 continuous hours.

CONTACTS: One station can only be worked once on each mode (SSB and CW). All duplicate QSOs must be clearly stated as DUPE in the logs with no points claimed. Contacts made through repeaters or EME are not allowed.

MODES OF OPERATION: Contacts can be performed in SSB and/or CW.

EXCHANGE: RST plus full QTH locator (i.e. 599 JN11BH). Contact time must be logged but you do not need to exchange it during the QSO.

SWL: They must receive and write down in the log the following data of both stations: Callsign, QTH locator, date and time. It�s not allowed to log more than 5 QSOs with the same station.

POINTS: One (1) point per kilometer and Two (2) points per kilometer in QSOs with special stations (these stations will be identified like this in the QSO).

POINTS for SWL: One (1) point for each QSO in SSB or CW.

MULTIPLIERS: One (1) multiplier for each different main grid square of each WW Locator achieved during the contest (i.e JN11, IN62, etc.).

One (1) multiplier for the first contact made with a station in each DXCC and WAE entities.

LOGS: The following formats are accepted:

Paper logs: Normalised IARU contest sheets or similar and a summary sheet showing essential information and leaving enough space for contest manager or contest committee notes. Multioperator stations must be clearly indicated. Final claimed score must be clearly shown in the upper part of the summary sheet.

Digital logs: Only in Cabrillo format.

We would be very grateful if you would send your logs in Cabrillo format in order to make easier the correction task.

Logs must be postmarked not later than 15th August and you can send them to:

Paper logs: EADX6M CONTEST PO Box 68 E-08960 Sant Just Desvern Barcelona SPAIN

Digital logs:

VERIFICATION and DISQUALIFICATION: The contest organization will take the responsibility of the log verification. Minor errors can be penalized with loss of points. A QSO won�t count if an obvious error in QTH locator or a time error of more than 10 minutes is found. Claiming points in a dupe contact will be penalized with 10 times its value.

The following cases will be deemed cause for disqualification of the contestant:

Any violation of contest rules or the IARU plan band Violation of amateur radio regulations in the country of the contestant Use of DX Cluster for self-announcements or using it as personal log Operators participating in multioperator stations sending also lists with his own callsign (violation of rule �Categories�) Giving false data to other contestants or the organization Helping out certain contestants at the expense of the rest of contestants PRIZES: 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each category. Special prize for:

Achieving more SSB contacts Achieving more CW contacts First place of each EA district First place of each DXCC or WAE entity Longest distance contact

Contestants assume total acceptation of the above rules. All decisions and/or actions of the organization are official and final.

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