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Phil Goetz, N6ZZ, SK

Richard F. DiDonna (nn3w) on March 3, 2007
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Courtesy of N6TR - quoting W0ZW:


The Subject just looks wrong - like a busted call or something, but it is with great sorrow that I report that Phil Goetz, N6ZZ (ex W6DQX and K9ELT) passed away on Monday.

This is a great loss to Amateur Radio, the sport of contesting and anyone who knew Phil and his quick wit.

Here are the details as reported by W0ZW:


Subject: N6ZZ, SK Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2007 07:25:35 -0700 From: "Wayne Greaves, W0ZW"

It distresses me greatly to report the passing of Phil Goetz, N6ZZ on February 27, 2007. Phil suffered a brain hemorrhage in Ruidoso, NM on Monday while playing racket ball, a game which he regularly played. He was rushed to Presbyterian Hospital in Albuquerque but could not be revived.

I only knew Phil for about 5 years. I'm sure this email list barely touches the number of people he must have known in the hobby. Please notify others who come to mind. I personally contacted David Sumner, K1ZZ by phone this morning to give him the news.

Phil was in the midst of outfitting a new contest station, having recently completed building a new house in Alto, NM. His quick fist, Top 10 ranked contesting proficiency, and witty quips will be sorely missed.

Funeral arrangements are pending.

Wayne, W0ZW San Patricio, NM


Phil has been a major part of my life ever since we met on the Southern California Net back in 1968. I looked up to him when starting out my contesting career in the CD Parties.

More recently - Phil was the person on the other end of gtalk during the WRTC event. He was my eyes, ears and advisor during the log checking process. Instead of spending time playing tourist - he spent hours helping me test the code for the log checking program. When the brown stuff hit the fan with impossible deadlines and no sleep - Phil was able to keep everyone together and accomplish the task.

Phil was an animal when contesting. I don't think anyone could ever forget seeing him write with one hand and send with the other. Here is a drawing inspired by his operating technique:

Phil had lost his second wife to cancer and was busy starting a new life, recently married and building a new house and station. He has always enjoyed playing racquetball, so he died doing something he enjoys.

Phil had the ability to turn almost any situation into a funny event. Once, at the station of K6AC (Alex Connolly) - we were out in the "shack" and he found a box labeled "nuts". Inside the box was a collection of large nuts used to bolt together the tower, but also included were some walnuts. This prompted Phil to go off into a routine that had everyone in rolling on the floor.

When operating at XE2SI during a multi-multi field day during a DX phone contest, I was standing outside the trailer Phil was operating at when I heard this:

- CQ Contest XE2 Sierra Italy - The W8 - again? - Sorry - W8 again? - Okay - there are two W8s in there - only ONE of you go ahead. - Roger - W8XYZ 59 6 - QSL - gee - I wonder how the other guy knew he was the one that was supposed to standby?

Maybe someone can post the look on Phil's face when he gound a microphone at W1CW's QTH - and used it to make some QSOs in the phone CD party.

Rest in peace my good friend. If I could imagine what Phil would want us to remember from him - I am sure it would be something like "live life to its fullest and never give up on your dreams".

Tree N6TR

Member Comments: Add A Comment
Phil Goetz, N6ZZ, SK Reply
by 4L5A on March 5, 2007 Mail this to a friend!
Im very sorry to hear that very bad news
Phil was very very good friend and exclellent contester
Contest community loose lot
Im very sorry and very sad
Al 4L5A
Phil Goetz, N6ZZ, SK Reply
by K6KR on March 19, 2007 Mail this to a friend!
Phil and I operated as S5S during the Slovenian WRTC. He was a great op, a good troubleshooter, and a great guy to work with. I'll miss him...
Phil Goetz, N6ZZ, SK Reply
by K6MR on March 19, 2007 Mail this to a friend!
I only met Phil twice in the early 1970s, at N6AA. Having been away from radio for some 30 years, I had hoped to renew many of the acquaintances from my early days; sadly Phil will not be one of them.
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