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WAEDC CW final results

from DF7ZS on December 21, 2006
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Hi there.

The results for WAEDC CW 2006 are available as usual following one of these links:

Thanks to all who made it possible to deliver the results in timely fasion.


Helmut, DF7ZS

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WAEDC CW final results Reply
by K2TA on January 12, 2007 Mail this to a friend!
Just looking at call area 1 results shows:

a) TWO stations in the S catagory issued certificates for finishing 4th place in the 1st call area but their scores are not tied.

b) Neither of the two stations is actually IN the 1st call area. (TN and VA)

c) Five certificate winners in the 1st call area are from GA, TN, VA, FL and IN...none of which are really in the 1st call area.

In order to properly be listed in your correct call area for competition purposes DARC requires that /4 be appended to the GA, TN, VA and FL entries and /9 be appended to the entry from IN.

This happened in the W2 area too...where I finish 2nd behind a "2" from Florida.

I won't go through all the districts...I'll leave that as an exercise to those living in those areas.

I don't think it was specified in the rules but certainly for this year's competition they'll need to do something about identifying the geographical location of a station.

If you are a W6 and move to NY you have a really good chance of taking the #1 certificate for the 6th call area. And the FCC does not require you to sign W6QRS/2 where the WAE would then classify you as a 2nd call area competitor.

I'd be interested in comments from others regarding call area competitions that only go by the callsign and not geographical location. I always wear my asbestos suit online so don't worry about flaming me if you think I am way out of line here.

I am at a loss, however, to explain how there are two fourth place certificates in the S class for the 1st call area.
RE: WAEDC CW final results Reply
by nn3w on February 23, 2007 Mail this to a friend!
Thanks for posting the results.

When will the DARC contest logbook be updated?
RE: WAEDC CW final results Reply
by N2WN on March 13, 2007 Mail this to a friend!
Hi Tom,

I posed this question to the committee when I received the results email for obvious reasons...

Helmut DF7ZS sent this response:

We had a few 4-5 Mail concerning these call areas. I will try to make a better job next year on the call areas. I will remind anybody to send their logs next year with the "/callarea" althrough they do NOT need to operate this way. I hope we will get this right on the logchecking software. This year unfortunatly it is "simply by number".



So they are aware of the problem... I'm not real familiar with log checking software, but I suspect a line could be placed to check section/state and categorize an entry in this manner.

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