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ALE On The Air QSO Party 13-23 Oct

Bonnie Crystal (kq6xa) on October 4, 2006
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ALE On-The-Air Week (13-23 October )
The Automatic Link Establishment International QSO Party

HFLINK is sponsoring this new International Amateur Radio event.
All ham radio operators worldwide are invited to participate in 10 days of amateur radio HF-ALE Automatic Link Establishment activity. AOTAW is an open operating event for hams to explore ALE communications and equipment. The experience gained by operator participation is also useful for HF emergency and disaster relief communications.

There are now hundreds of amateur radio operators worldwide with ALE stations. The AOTAW gives operators a chance to exercise ALE transceivers, antennas, software, systems, and operating procedures. Join the HFLINK GROUP (free) for more information about setting up your station for ALE.

ALE Operator Certificate for AOTAW2006
HFLINK issues a unique ALE Operator Certificate to operators who participate in AOTAW. To qualify for an ALE Operator Certificate, the operator must initiate and complete at least 5 QSOs through Automatic Link Establishment with other ALE operators. The ALE link must then be followed by communication either by voice or texting in any mode. Additional certificate endorsements are issued by HFLINK for operators who link with 25 stations or more.

ALE linking provides automatic "exchange". The link is only completed when both stations are actually connected via the ALE. No signal reports, locations, or numeric exchanges are needed!

To qualify for certificate, Date/Callsign/Frequency log of ALE QSOs should be sent by 31DEC2006 via email to:

Operating Standards for AOTAW
All operators are reminded to be courteous and operate within the recognised Amateur Radio ALE channels and standards. The ALE netcall "HFL" may be used as the general CQ call for the event. ALLCALLs (one-way linking) should not be used in AOTAW, and a QSO started by an ALLCALL does not qualify as a valid ALE link.

Recommended QSO Modes:
Start by establishing an ALE link, then switch to one of the following modes for QSO:
USB Voice
ALE AMD (short text message)
PSK31 (1500Hz centre)
Olivia 500/16 (1500Hz centre)

AOTAW provides a way for more operators to gain valuable practical knowledge and expertise in the operation of an Amateur Radio ALE station. Amateur operators who use ALE for government and non-governmental organisations may be especially interested in participation, for it provides more chance to work with ALE linking and greater understanding of the system. It is a chance for operators to explore the various operational aspects of ALE that may not be utilised otherwise. The 10 days of AOTAW enables operators to participate as they can, for any amount of time in the event, and to experience ALE operation under various ionospheric propagation conditions. Download PC-ALE software.

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