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Contester's Profile - SM0AJU

from SM0JHF on November 4, 2005
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Let's Meet Leif, SM0AJU

0x01 graphic

Leif in front of his antenna tower at home in Norrtälje

Leif received his licence in 1956. The call sign was SM5AJU then and he lived in a medium-size industrial town in southern Sweden. From the very beginning he was attracted by contests. He still remembers well the first Scandinavian Activity Contest in 1959 using a hand key on CW. I found his call sign on the web in the results of the second SAC in 1960, as well. This contest is still one of his favourites, besides the CQ World Wide and the ARRL DX competitions.

0x01 graphic

At the club station SL0ZG in Norrtälje

In 1962 Leif left his hometown of Linköping and eventually settled down, a few years later, in a small town almost 100 km (60 miles) north of Stockholm where he commenced his career in the armed forces.

0x01 graphic

Leif, SM0AJU (right) at the club with members and visitors

Some ten years later, in 1977, Leif mounted a multi-operator contest activity from the local paramilitary radio club SL0ZG. This club remained for years to be the most active contest club of the Stockholm province. In recent years, a shorter call sign, SL0W is deployed here.

0x01 graphic

At home in the shack

During the 80's, Leif travelled 5 times to Tanzania in East Africa for contests. Guest operating from Björn's, 5H3BH station - sometimes alone, sometimes joined by friends - Leif discovered the fun of being the DX, but he prefers to chase them, both in and outside of contests. Consequently, you will find his call sign in top spots on lists of DXCC-entities and IOTA-entities hunters. Apart from contest result listings, of course.

0x01 graphic

Some of the trophies and plaque

Today Leif is retired but still going strong. Proficient on both CW and Phone, he is active from his home station and trying to draw members of his club into contesting and serious DXing. Kudos for this and congratulations on 50 years of your outstanding Amateur Radio career, Leif.

Henryk Kotowski SM0JHF

© 2005

Member Comments: Add A Comment
Contester's Profile - SM0AJU Reply
by 4L5A on November 21, 2005 Mail this to a friend!
Hi Henryk,
Thank you very much for great article about my old friend SM0AJU
Leif its pleasure to read and see you again
73 Al 4L5A
Contester's Profile - SM0AJU Reply
by ve4mm on November 21, 2005 Mail this to a friend!
He looks like a happy guy!
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