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CWJF MM 2006 Open for all Americans

Luciano Moreira Silva (py8azt) on October 17, 2005
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The CWJF - Clube de CW de Juiz de Fora, Board had decided to open the Manchester Mineira Contest to all Americas on next issue. The Manchester Mineira Contest born as domestic Brazilian competition, but after 13 years of ample success, of which 9 opened to South America, the next CWJF MM is honored to include North America, Caribbean and Central America.

The Chairman Edson Fonseca, PY4WAS had work hard to ensure this past success. "Now, is time for a new challenger", say Fonseca in letter for all CWJF members. Soon, some changes in the 2005 rules will be made and published on the CWJF web (

CWJF MM Is the biggest CW contest in South America. Year after year, the CWJF MM grow and hit over 400 entrants in 2005; more then 30 thousands QSOs (average of 77 QSO/entrant). In November will be published 2005 results and the new rules for 2006.

The Absolute Winner of CWJF MM 2004 was Alvaro, PY3CQ (195,776 points), and South America Winner (non-PY) was Arnoldo, LU7EE with 185,983 points.

We hope a massive participation in 2006. Please, spread this information and pin your calendar in next third weekend of May for CWJF MM 2006.

Member Comments: Add A Comment
CWJF MM 2006 Open for all Americans Reply
by py2tnt on October 24, 2005 Mail this to a friend!
Hi all Hams.... I hoppe..... because we dont have contest in SA for all wolrd. I hoppe... See you in contest
CWJF MM 2006 Open for all Americans Reply
by py8azt on November 5, 2005 Mail this to a friend!
Hi all,

The CWJF home page is wrong. Correct is (english and portuguese). Take time to visit it.

Best 73, Luc
PY8AZT (PX8C @ Contest)
CWJF MM 2006 Open for all Americans Reply
by PY2LL on January 18, 2006 Mail this to a friend!
CWJF and one of the largest contests BRAZILIAN, who has opportunity comes to participate.


Hlio Polilo
Guarulhos - SP - Brazil
Patrulheiro 1001 BP
Vice-president LABRE-SP
CWJF MM 2006 Open for all Americans Reply
by pp2bt on March 19, 2006 Mail this to a friend!
See you in contest
I will be QRV on 14 MHz.

CWJF MM 2006 Open for all Americans Reply
by py8azt on March 20, 2006 Mail this to a friend!
Hi all,

I would like to share with you the very new rules os CWJF Manchester Mineira ALl America 2006. Thare are awards for Trophy, Plates and Certificates for SA & NA Stations.

Here is the rule summary for SA and NA stations:

Period: In the 3rd weekend of May, 1500Z Saturday (May, 20) - 2359Z Sunday (May, 21).

Mode & bands: exclusively CW (A1A) on bands 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meters.
Contacts: All valid QSO confirmed, between American Stations independent of the continent (SA & NA - DXCC list), being allowed the repetition of contacts on different bands.

Categories (SA & NA):
- SOSB - Single Operator Single Band (80, 40, 20, 15, 10m)
- SOAB Single Operator All Bands
- SOAB QRP Single Operator All Bands QRP (Maximum output: 5Watts)
- M/S Mult Operator Single TX (All Bands, Clubs or Groups)

CQ message: "CQ TEST JF"

Exchange: RST + Continent (SA or NA). Example: 599 SA or 599 NA.
- CWJF members should send RST + Continent / M;
- QRP stations, even if member, send RST + Continent / QRP;
- YL operators, even Members or QRP, send RST + Continent / YL;

QSO Points: In all bands.
- Confirmed QSO in the same Country: 1 point
- Confirmed QSO with Country of the same continent: 2 points
- Confirmed QSO with Country of another continent: 3 points
- Confirmed QSO with CWJF Members, QRP stations and YL operators: 5 points.

- For South America entrant:
All different PREFIXES worked in each band (i.e.: AA2 - AF1 - CP1 - CX9 - HP1 - K3 - KG - LU2 - LW9 - N7 - NA3 - OA4 PP1 - PY4 - VE3 - W6 - WA8 - XE3 - YV1 - ZP5 - ZZ4 - 6Y5 - 9Y4.).
- For North America entrant:
All different South America PREFIXES worked in each band (i.e.: CE3 - CP6 - CX2 - HC5 - HK1 - LU4 - LW9 - OA4 PP1 - PT7 - PY4 - PY8 - XQ3 - YV1 - ZP5 - ZY7 - ZZ4).
Score: sum of the points obtained in each band, multiplied by the sum of the multipliers in each band.

Obs: Passive use of DXCluster network is allowed. Self-spot or asking to spot, by any way, is strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule could be a disqualification issue.

you can reach the complete rules as well in PDF at
CWJF MM 2006 Open for all Americans Reply
by PR7AF on April 1, 2006 Mail this to a friend!
Will be a nice contest!
See you in May!

Martin - PR7AF(ex-PU7EEL)
RE: CWJF MM 2006 Open for all Americans Reply
by LU1DZ on May 5, 2006 Mail this to a friend!
Hola amigos:

Will be a very nice contest with many SA stations calling CQ TEST MM.

Congratulations to CWJF.

Muchos saludos
Best regards
Alberto U. Silva LU1DZ
WWSA Contest Manager
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