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Short report from Dominican Republic

from SM0JHF on November 23, 2004
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Some contesting news from Dominican Republic

HI has never been well represented in contests, not an obvious multiplier like P4 or KP2, in spite of quite large Dominican Amateur Radio community. I have recently visited this Caribbean country again and can predict muchos contest activity in the future. There is already increased activity on the northern coast, and more to come.

The most active, permanently living here, contest operator is Ted Jimenez HI3TEJ. According to himself, Ted has been a radio freak all his life. A couple of years ago he took up hamming again, has built a few antennas and bought modern equipment. More information on

0x01 graphic

Ted HI3TEJ in his shack as seen in November 2004

0x01 graphic

Ted lives downtown Puerto Plata, the bustling and noisy harbour city. It is amazing that he can hear anything on LF bands being encircled with power and telephone lines.

Another active contester in Puerto Plata is Edwin HI3NR. His late father was also a ham and Edwin is also a skilled technician with interest for both VHF and HF as well as computers. Every time I visited Dominican Republic, Edwin helped me to get around and meet local hams.

0x01 graphic

Left: Edwin HI3NR talking with Red HI3TEJ on top of the Mt Isabel de Torres, some 2500 ft above Puerto Plata.

0x01 graphic

The house of Edwin HI3NR with some antennas. Most likely he will be on the air during the 10-meter contest on December 11-12, 2004 from this QTH. More information about Edwin can be found on his website

0x01 graphic

One of many local hams that Edwin helped me to meet was Constantino HI3CCP. Constantino lives in the large city Santiago but has recently started assembling a very competitive contest site in the mountains near Moca. I tried to reach the top of this 4000 ft peak in my rented 4WD Suzuki... but I gave up.

0x01 graphic

On top of this mountain called La Loma del Toro, one of the best contest sites in the Caribbean is taking shape. Julio HI3K, who lives most of the time in Florida, where he is AD4Z, is also engaged in this project. You will hear him from this site in the coming CQ WW CW contest November 27-28, 2004. More information on

A station that has frequently been on the air in different contests belongs to Erwin DL4NCF and his wife Luzia DL4NYL. They live in southern Germany but have a spacious house in a fashionable village called Las Terrenas in the eastern province of Dominican Republic called Samaná. The house with an antenna tower is available for rent and many, mostly European, operators ”slashed” their home call signs by HI9 from this place. Erwin, who is HI9CF now, has recently repaired his antennas after this year´s severe storm season and the place will be available for rent soon again.

0x01 graphic

Erwin HI9CF on the roof of his house called Luzia with the retracted antenna tower in the background and a lof of rainwater on the ground.

0x01 graphic

Luzia HI9NY and Erwin HI9CF in their Las Terrenas radio shack making first contacts after repairing the antenna in November 2004. More information at

Not only the weather was very poor during my latest visit to Dominican Republic. A radio blackout in early November 2004 made my stay here a little less enjoyable. But the people are friendly, fruits, rum and cigars are of good quality, the landscape is picturesque. Hope for better luck with the weather and the propagation next time.

Domincan Republic shares the island called Hispaniola (Little Spain) with Haiti. Hispaniola, discovered and named by Columbus lies between Cuba and Puerto Rico.

Henryk Kotowski SM0JHF

all photographs © Kotowski 2004

Member Comments: Add A Comment
Good news Reply
by oe5oho on November 25, 2004 Mail this to a friend!
Thanks for another nice article with lots of information. Seems like there´ll be more activity from the Dominican Republic in the future! 73 de Oliver
Short report from Dominican Republic Reply
by kp2bh on December 9, 2004 Mail this to a friend!
Good article on the dominican regards to all the amateur operators from that country.
73's de kp2bh jimmy
Short report from Dominican Republic Reply
by 4L5A on December 23, 2004 Mail this to a friend!
Hi Henryk
Allways nice to read your new article
Thank you very much
73 Al 4L5A/D4B
Short report from Dominican Republic Reply
Anonymous post on March 4, 2005 Mail this to a friend!

RE: Short report from Dominican Republic Reply
by EA4ATI on September 27, 2007 Mail this to a friend!
Thanks for the useful report. I left Africa and I am now in Dominican Republic as HI3/EA4ATI. Of course I'll take part in contests!. I am looking for partners. My location for the next mothts will be Pedernales, the last village in Dominican Republic on the border with Haiti.
I have enough rooms and space for antennas but for the time being I just have a dipole.
Any proposal??
73's and good DX's
Dani, HI3/EA4ATI

RE: Short report from Dominican Republic Reply
by EA4ATI on September 28, 2007 Mail this to a friend!
Sorry, the callsign is HI5/EA4ATI.


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