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Grid - Expedition to FM26

Ken Kent (KA2LIM) on August 25, 2004
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Those krazy guys from Pine Valley, NY are at it again: Grid - Expedition to FM26 Virgina Beach, VA by KA2LIM & KB2YCC September 10-12, 2004 Band plan for the September VHF Contest. KA2LIM, Ken and KB2YCC, Rob, will be portable 4 from FM26as. We will be operating 6, 2, 222 and 432 SSB and CW.

On six meters we will operate on 50.153 +- QRM. On two meters we will operate on 144.225, again +- QRM. 222 operations will take place on 222.097 +- QRM, 432 operations will be on 432.115 +- QRM.

We will be using our own callsigns/4. We will switch bands every hour. Both of us will be using our own call before and during the contest so you have a chance to work both calls on each band.

Equipment: We will be running a Yaesu FT-920 on six meters, a Yaesu FT-847 on two meters, an FT-736 on 222 and another FT-847 on 432. We will be running a small amplifier on six which will be around 150+ watts. Two meters will be running 180+ watts, 222 will be 160+ watts and 432 will be 120 watts. We are using a 5 element six meter beam, a 15 element quagi on two meters, a 20 element quagi on 222 and a 27 element quagi on 432. All antenna's are homebrewed and work great.

QSL information: Both of us have the same QSL requests. If you want a card direct, please send an SASE, (OK on If you do not send a self addressed stamped envelope, you will not receive a card back, Sorry! NO cards by the bureau please, we will not get them. If you would like an electronic card, we will be downloading our logs into when we return home. These are the only two ways to get a card .

We will be setting up the Friday before the contest which is September 10. We will do some testing on Friday to make sure everything is working and then probably start working the bands. If you hear us before the contest, please give us a shout, we would like to make some contacts before the contest to check everything out. We will be leaving Monday morning after the contest and heading back to New York. Look for us mobil on 50.125 and 144.200 as we travel north thru FM16, FM17, FM18, FM19, FN10, FN11 and home into FN12.

Operations: If we find ourselves in a "pile-up" situation, we might start running a list. PLEASE, if you don't hear your callsign, DON'T KEEP CALLING. If we run into anyone calling on top of someone else while we are trying to work them, we will keep a "black list" and you WILL NOT BE IN THE LOG. We are out to have fun in this contest, not to win it and give out FM26 for those who need it. We also might start taking calls by call area in the event of an opening. Again, please don't call if we are looking for the 9 call area and you are in the 2 call area. If you do, the "black list" applies here too. We look forward to working you in the contest from FM26 in Virginia Beach,VA. and good luck in the contest.

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