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Proposed Mid Atlantic QSO Party

Page Pyne (wa3eop) on November 23, 2003
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Hello Everyone-

This is to let you know that a committee is building from the ground up with input from contesters for a New QSO Party that we think will debut May 8 and or 9th, 2004. The Mid Atlantic Qso Party (MAQP) will include as its targeted states NY, NJ, DE, PA, MDC, VA and WV. Counties in these areas will be the multipliers for scoring. Even as I write this, balloting is occuring by contesters in several areas like categories, scoring options, awards. You can get in on the voting if interested. Votes go to N3FR . A copy of the ballot e-mail is available from me .

We have a yahoogroup established for the party and expect to have a listserver operating at shortly. Both email newsgroups will be moderated by N2OCW another member of the committee. Also on the committee are WA4PGM from Va, K5IID from WV, WT3D from NY, WG3E from PA. Representatives are sought from NJ and Delaware still. Also another committee person may be accepted from those states with only one representative presently.

This contest was only a fleeting idea less than 3 weeks ago. The idea quickly outgrew the PA QSO Party newsgroup and has expanded quite a bit already.

Stay tuned for more news as it becomes available. But if you want to be on the ground floor to help develop this new idea for a contest, vote your ideas in. Please sign your ballot for it to be counted. If further interested, join one of our listservers to follow this to conclusion in May 2004.


Member Comments: Add A Comment
Proposed Mid Atlantic QSO Party Reply
by n2ocw on November 23, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
We are trying to close down the yahoogroups listserver as we've made
changes since WA3EOP submitted this article.
Anyone wishing to join please sign up on the new listserver at

We also have a webpage being constructed at the following url:

Come aboard now and help us get this exciting new contest off the ground.

Larry Ashton
Proposed Mid Atlantic QSO Party Reply
by N8LXR on November 24, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
Thanks Page, for a nice article!

I am really looking forward to the very first MAQP and enjoying the group input on the MAQP reflector.

Just a note to anyone reading these posts..please join us on the MAQP reflector. The more the merrier!

With everyone's cooperation, this promises to be one of the finest regional QSO parties and lots of fun and enjoyment for all.

Let's all try to make the first year a smashing success!

73 to all and Happy Holidays!


Proposed Mid Atlantic QSO Party Reply
by N3FR on November 24, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
Great article Page.

The idea of a contest designed by the folks who will be operating it is a fine one indeed. I'm really looking forward to the inagural running of the Mid Atlantic QSO Party (MAQP).

To those of you wondering what the hoopla is about, join the listserver mentioned in earlier emails and become part of the development of this event.

Look forward to hearing from you all.

Best regards.

Bob, N3FR
Proposed Mid Atlantic QSO Party Reply
by w4my on November 27, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
Any thought of including NC? (Our basketball teams are in the Atlantic Coast Conference! Hi!)

73 Marty
RE: Proposed Mid Atlantic QSO Party Reply
by wa3eop on December 3, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
Early on, one of the first things the committee did was decide what "our" mid-atlantic would be. North Carolina and Even Ohio were considered in the early stages but lost out for inclusion in the final voting. The winners were NY, NJ, DE, MDC, PA, WV and VA.

Our website is a go at

Whether in the Mid-Atlantic or not we hope you will join us May 8 and 9 2004 for the first Mid-Atlantic QSO Party.

Proposed Mid Atlantic QSO Party Reply
by KB3A on December 23, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
I kinda figured N3FR was behind something like this. This guy is a real snake...slithers into rare PA counties, runs up monsterous scores in the PA test then slithers out... Great Ideas Bob, I should have thought of it, but then again, I don't get to operate the PA QSO Party from home anymore, I won't tell the twins about this contest. When do we start? :)

Chris KB3A
Proposed Mid Atlantic QSO Party Reply
by W6QE on February 8, 2004 Mail this to a friend!
I think it's a great idea! suggestions?...all categories, 6 meters too...including uhf & vhf higher than 6 meters is good for the locals only...24 hours & cw only...certificates are good for keeps the costs down...sell t-shirts to pay for the certificates...
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